Battery Maintenance? Battery Tender? Trickle Charger?
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Thread: Battery Maintenance? Battery Tender? Trickle Charger?

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    Battery Maintenance? Battery Tender? Trickle Charger?

    I tried the search function and never found a specific thread pertaining to them.

    Sorry for mentioning this, but fall is in the air in my parts. Winter, right around the long corner. I'm wanting to be as prepared as possible.
    One of the items on my wanna be tractor bucket list, is a battery maintainer. I've never had one. After a bit of research, I'm finding the brand, Battery Tender to be a wide-spread item.
    Given the amount of models available, what would be the best suited for my x739?

    Something to note, I'm not dead-set having to have the Battery Tender brand. My concern is quality electronics. So if there's another comparable trickle charger/maintainer out there I need to consider, I'm all ears.

    I appreciate your input.
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    I started with one battery tender JR years ago and rotated it from the generator to the tractors and now have three of them so no rotating needed! They have worked very well for me and really cut down on the need to replace a battery every 2 or three years. I think I last bought a battery for one of the tractors about 6 years ago.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I have two of these. They work great.
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    I was in the same place two yrs. ago new x730 i looked and some of the other charges out there but they didnt seem to be as good and user friendly this is the set up i went with so far it seems to work nice just plug and go ...
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_4964.JPG 
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    I use one of the Noco charger/tenders with the handy plug that indicates capacity.

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    Following this for more information.
    I had an old Battery Tender that didnt work too great, and now have a small Schumacher 1A charger/maintainer. It works fine, but I dont leave it plugged in.
    I plug it into the tractor or whatever and once it shows a full charge, I unplug it and leave it alone for a while.
    My issue is that some of these, the older tender and this Schumacher, dont completely quit charging once the battery is full. Some will drop down to a very low charge rate, and continue charging, which can damage the battery.

    If I were buying one today, and I probably will be buying a newer one, Id make sure it shut off completely when the battery is topped off. If I recall, the NOCO does this. Not sure about the others as I havent looked specifically at them. Id bet that quite a few more do today than they did years ago though.
    That NOCO and its charging port are a pretty neat idea to me, which is why thats probably what Ill end up with. Lots of guys here seem to like them well enough.
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    I bought 2 Battery Tender Jrs. for $19.95 on sale 15 or 20 year ago for my motorcycles, ATV, lawn tractor and infrequently used cars. They have always worked well. They will very slowly recharge a low battery but it may take days. When you attach it, the red light comes on and goes off when it turns green. I don't keep them on all the time but generally put them on overnight about once a month (but it wouldn't hurt to keep them on).

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    I have the BT Jr's for both tractors and three motorcycles (one is my son's).

    Stay away from the Horrible Fright cooked my neighbors new battery on his standby genset in 2 weeks.

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    I've been using Battery Tenders for years which is why I've had some batteries last 10 & 11 years on a couple of the motorcycles. In fact, in both cases I replaced the batteries "just because" they were old enough and didn't want to press my luck. Each was still performing as required.

    Come to think of it I also had another battery go close to 10 years on my Yamaha RX1ER snowmobile. These were all AGM batteries which tend to perform well.

    Have also had good luck using them on the tractors when not in use.
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    I have the Battery Tender Plus on my X748 which is my snow machine. I installed the direct battery connectors which come with the device. In winter, it is plugged in 24/7 until I need to blow snow. Even in Wisconsin's coldest time, the X748 battery performs as it does in summer and the X748 fires right up. When I'm done blowing snow I plug it back in and I'm ready for the next storm. As a side note, I have a couple other tractors that have the Battery Tender Plus plugged in all winter. They are all good to go in spring.

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