Simple and Safe Diesel Soot Removal
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Thread: Simple and Safe Diesel Soot Removal

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    Simple and Safe Diesel Soot Removal

    Here are my before and after pictures of the back of my custom made snow plow blade. This is after about 50 hours of plowing thus far this winter, in blocks of time of 2 to 3 hours at a time and as long as 6 hours. This is from this winter only, the plow and hitch were clean when I started.

    This was running Premium Number 2 diesel with Howe's Diesel Treatment and Conditioner of 1 oz per gallon of diesel. I just started running an additional product to drastically reduce smoke, increase cetane, clean the fuel system and enhance performance as well as the base Howe product. Here is the link to the Howes Lubricator product at the manufacturer.

    This afternoon, I finished washing a big plastic mug with a lid I use to drink Skim Milk out of and I had the paper towel with Dawn Dish soap on it.

    I thought it would be a good chance to show how well Dawn Dish Soap works at removing the soot as I just wiped it on the plow back and then wiped it off with a dry paper towel. I didn't get the plow blade wet or scrub the plow or anything special, just wiped the soapy water on it from what was in the paper towel and wiped it off with a dry towel. No rinsing water, just a clean dry paper towel.

    Actually rinsing it with water or using a brush or anything to actually scrub the surface would have improved the results of the Dawn dish soap plus.

    Sometimes, the simplest stuff works really well, not to mention I had just what was on the paper towel from washing the mug.

    I don't want to redirect my exhaust away from the hitch area and that portion of the plow blade or implements for a couple of reasons, including

    1. - I want the heat to keep the hitch area from forming ice and damaging the Quick Hitch Angle Cylinder lines and fittings. This actually has worked very well.

    2. - I don't want to add any back pressure of change the exhaust flow characteristics or even it's flow.

    Rinsing the smoke off is easy when using the right product(s). When the season is over, I will fire up the power washer, a 5 gallon bucket of hot soapy Dawn dish soap water and a old tire brush on a long handle and in a few minutes, have everything looking good again.

    Plus the Dawn eliminates the oily residue in the smoke and leaves the plow and hitch "squeaky clean"............and doesn't contaminate the driveway area where if its warm enough, one or more of my K9 kids will be "helping me wash" the tractor.......

    Give Dawn a try, it might be in your kitchen already and it gets the job done with the diesel smoke soot. Plus Mrs.Bear insists the little duck on the bottle is cute.....

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    I just cleaned the back of my blower today. Not quite as bad as your blade. Used Sprayon branded glass cleaner. Squirted it on, let it sit for 15 seconds, wiped it off with a paper towel, no more soot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SulleyBear View Post
    The only problem with this is...... now you have to clean the rest of it.

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    I have used Goof Off too.
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