5103 Coolant / Fluids Change
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Thread: 5103 Coolant / Fluids Change

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    5103 Coolant / Fluids Change

    Hello All,

    New ranch / John Deere owner here. I've recently purchased a JD 5103, seems to be in great shape, but I want to be sure I get fresh fluids in it so I can start a proper maintenance schedule. I'm pretty handy with a wrench and have changed fluids on cars before. I've been looking for a good instructional video on the JD 5103 coolant fluid change but I've not been able to find one. Mainly wanting to make sure I find the proper drain ports in the block.. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Has anyone ever used the "Peak Final Charge Global" coolant? It says on the back that it meets all of the ASTM specs I've seen noted for JD, but its kind of a rusty red/brown in color which is throwing me off.

    Would you all suggest just changing the engine oil and coolant or should I get after that hydraulic fluid as well?

    Thanks for your time!

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    PaganSnek, Unless you've got documentation stating fluids were just changed, I'd drain everything...engine, hydraulic, coolant. I'd also put it all new filters. It's pretty cheap insurance!

    As far as draining coolant, I don't know if there's any plugs on the block to remove. Check level and top off with water before draining. Start & warm tractor and hydraulics. Drain coolant from petcock on bottom of radiator into a bucket...TractorData.com states 10 qt coolant capacity. If you get 10qts out, I wouldn't get concerned with any remaining in block. After changing other fluids, I'd fill coolant system with a radiator flush...follow directions on bottle. Run, drain, fill with water, run, drain, refill with coolant.

    Too many people forget about their coolant system. Straight water will cool your engine...and freeze in the winter! But antifreeze contain additives for corrosion resistance, freeze protection, PH balance, and other "stuff" I can't remember right now! As coolant ages, the additives deplete and your coolant can now damage, rather than help, you engine. For the $30-$50 your going to spend to replace it, again, good insurance!

    I can't help with a brand name, as most of my tractors are gas powered. I've got 1 Case 580K TLB diesel and I use Peak Fleet Charge with no problems...so far! Bob
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