Bought a 2017 1025r from JD Dealer with 75 hrs. just a tractor no attachments, change the engine oil at 80 hrs. previous owner had some aftermarket oil filter on it so I looked at the hyd filter and that has never been change, so I new the suction screen was never clean out either, well I had to put the tractor to work plowing sidewalks, thinking I would run it a few hours and change the hyd fluid, the fluid did look good, but when I pulled the suction screen out and looked in side the case I could not believe all the chunks and long strips of silicon, I got them all out I had a small handfull of this stuff, as far as metal ,there was some on the magnet and on the screen but not a lot, I read some of these forums on the site on cleaning this screen out, I hope everyone else out there with one of these tractors does the same thing,, A Big Thank You to everyone out there that post problems like this, Very happy with this tractor besides having a little extra silicon in the tranny, Thanks Again