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Thread: Do you clean your tractor?

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    I'm relatively notorious for keeping my stuff clean, and habitually wash all of my equipment after each use because I hate putting anything away dirty - typically just a water hose / spray nozzle with some Simple Green to clean grimy spots and then towel dry the shiny parts. I may use some Griot's Speed Shine periodically to keep the plastics glossy but I don't use wax on the tractor or implements as simply removing the dirt quickly (and repairing scratches) tends to keep it looking good enough for my satisfaction.

    Waxing of course has benefits beyond appearance, but it's not something I'm willing to take on with equipment that has to get dirty to perform its function. My equipment is also stored indoors, if it was not I would likely wax the tractor plastics at least annually.

    I don't normally get the 1025R that dirty in what is most often mowing or pavement/concrete snowblowing use, if I was digging around moving dirt/ mud routinely I'm sure it would be much more time consuming to keep clean. I have a powerwasher for that type of cleaning of course, but it sits most of the time.

    I can see how somebody that runs a tractor daily moving dirt would lean towards infrequent or interval based cleaning.
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    10 year old?

    Quote Originally Posted by WH401 View Post
    Definitely. At least once a year I will wash them and occasionally spray wax them. When I upgrade I typically sell my machines outright and a well kept, shiney machine draws lots of buyers and a better sale price on a 10 year old machine compared to one's that haven't gotten the same treatment. If you cosmetically care for your machine than the common thought is that you likely care mechanically for it too. While that's not always the case, it's typically how it's thought in the used equipment market from my experience.

    You sell your machines after only 10 years?

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    I try to keep my equipment clean after use because I hate to have to work on a piece of equipment that is filthy unless it is unavoidable. My equipment is a lot like family in that it grows older and new pieces are added but nothing is ever forced to leave. I definitely suffer from “iron disease” compounded by “dieselitis”. Problem is that if it is motorized it becomes an old friend which deserves attention and respect which I feel obligated to provide. My wife says I enjoy using and working on my equipment more than just about anything, except my family and friends, and there are times when, well you know what I am thinking.

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