D130 Rollover
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Thread: D130 Rollover

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    D130 Rollover

    I bought Momma a new D130 yesterday. She doesn't like the close yards mowed with the 1025R and I don't like her in the heat with the Honda push mower.

    Filled it up, checked the fluids, started it up. Cruised around, then I took the 1/2 mile drive to the mailbox. Thought I'd try it out in the fields...

    Front hit a high rock, back fell in a hole. Flipped me 5' down the hill and I rolled another 10'. Ran back up the hill to right the mower.

    I had in my mind that the lawn tractors would be more stable than my 1025. Not true. I'm looking hard at the new 2 series for the larger tire size. Those smaller tires on the D130 found a hole I hadn't had a problem with.

    Could have been much worse, and I deserved what I got. I got too cocky and thought I knew too much to get in trouble.

    Damage so far:

    Grille cracked.
    Left front light bulb broken
    Clips holding light on hood broken
    Clips on grill holding light broken
    fuel pump broken and replaced ($25)

    If my back didn't hurt so much my ankle would be killing me. I'm no spring chicken, just a dummy sometimes.

    Replaced the fuel pump and after some rough running seems to have tamed down.

    I now have 15 minutes of ride time. And Momma was soooo impressed. Deserved that too.
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    Sorry to hear. Glad you're ok. It's a good reminder to all of us that we have to be careful with our machines.
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    Glad you are mostly OK - and glad that you shared your story. I proves that it can happen anytime at anyplace regardless of the machine.

    That is the main reason I upgraded from my 2210 (predecessor to the 1-series) to my present 2520 - tire size. Makes a huge difference on hillsides both on the lawn and in the woods.
    It is what it is
    Knowledge is power, ignorance is bliss
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    Thanks for the post FredHickory.
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    Glad you weren't more injured. Stay safe

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    Glad you are OK, Fred.

    The most painful part of that for me would be telling Mama that I wrecked her new tractor.

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    Glad you are OK...thanks for posting....gives us all something to think about. Safety review....
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    Glad you're OK. Did you get momma to teach you how to drive the D130?
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    Donated by some great people/vendors on here: 72 lb. wheel weights -- Bro-Tek 1˝" rear wheel spacers.
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    Glad it was no more than some bruises and I am sure your pride. Learn and grow is what I say all the time. Hope mama went easy on you
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    --- Ed ---

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    Holly cow glad to hear your ok. Guess you just never know
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    Thanks Bob
    Fire trucks are Red/Tractors are Green

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