Safety moment
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Thread: Safety moment

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    Safety moment

    Maybe this will provide a "take two" moment for someone who will be or does tree felling with the help of a tractor loader and prevent an accident. I have a co-worker that lost his Dad last week because he was using forks to help fell a tree. The tree fell sideways and literally flipped the tractor 180° instead of simply turning over and he lost his life. My friend estimated that the tractor flipped so quickly that he didnt even have time to move out of the seat at all.

    Think twice good folk, it doesnt take long.
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    Sorry to hear. I lost a class mate of mine about 4 years back he rolled in a ditch while he was mowing. He wasn't killed right a way he tried to crawl out but didn't make it. We all have tto be safe and if you see someone doing something STUPID speak up. They may tell you to butt out but your conscious will be clear.
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    That's horrible news. After spending months with my father (83 yrs old) cutting and hauling firewood, it's amazing how quickly things can happen. We use just the bucket against the tree sometimes to push it in the direction we want it to fall. I've found that really looking at the tree before scarfing it makes a big difference as well as leaving a hinge in the right spot to hold it. But even then things can happen unexpectedly.

    We've probably yarded out 10 cord, hauling the trees full length about a mile to the yard, then using the log tongs on the bucket to load them on a flatbed. I've learned a lot from my Dad and have enjoyed the hard work, but like anything else, you have to always be on alert. Even cutting the trees to 24' logs before loading can be dangerous. Unloading them can be too.

    Just be safe in all you do, as much as possible. We had a very large oak today that maxed out the tractor. It was 30" in diameter at least and 30-40' long. It just didn't feel right and was hard on the equipment, so I cut it in half. Much safer and easier to handle.
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    Sorry to hear that kind of news. Serves as a reminder to all of us that we must be safe at all times.
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    Things with energy/force potential always make me apprehensive. Staying out of the "bite" is always on my mind.

    Thoughts & prayers to your co-worker and the family.

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    Dropped some trees growing out of a chain link fence yesterday. The biggest 2 were 8"&10" thick. This is how I skidded them with my X540. Cut the big ends down to the first big branch. All the other branches hold the trunk up nicely. Then hooked a strap to the trunk just above that first big branch. This way the end of the trunk is no where near the ground. So no chance of the trunk digging in. Then I don't have to worry about the front wheels coming off of the ground.

    This is about the biggest trees I'd drop before calling a professional. They also had a good lean toward the direction I wanted them to go.
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    Sorry to hear about this!

    THANKS though, for the timely reminder. I actually just pushed over what was left of a dead ash tree with one of my forks on Sunday. Never even thought about the possibility that you mentioned. My situation was a little different as the "tree" was really just a 6" diameter trunk about 12' high. I don't think it had enough mass to it to do what you describe. BUT... I was planning on trying to push over a larger, more intact dead Ash about 10' away from that one. I think I'll just take the chain saw to it and then deal with the stump afterwards.
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    Sorry for your loss. News like this is sad but tot hose left behind it is a reason to consider carefully what you are doing.

    I lost a cousin a few years back when a limb fell out of the tree and pinned him to the seat.

    Anytime you are working with trees you have to be careful. Ever notice it is easier to push a small tree over when you raise the FEL to do it? Ever see the physics of a lever and fulcrum? When that tree pushes over and the root goes under the axle a flip is not hard to get to.

    I cleared a load of brush yesterday and had some 3 and 4 inch diameter vines to deal with. While it would be convenient to pull backwards with the FEL it would put me too close to the action. Old limbs and tops of trees are bad for you when they try and share the same space as you.

    Distance and contingency plans are your friend, so is that little voice in the back of your head. If it feels sketchy it probably is. If it doesn't feel sketchy maybe you just haven't thought it through enough. Guess that's why it says "think safety" on my dash?
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