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    Dig Safe

    Ok, so this may not exactly be a safety specific issue but... I guess I learned my lesson and need to start calling the Dig Safe people before I putter around out on the property.

    I picked up a 5' scraper blade today and decided to play a bit. I was dragging it around in an area I plan to turn into a small orchard and after an hour of moving dirt around I realized that there was a 45' long piece of coax cable floating around. I went into the house and sure enough, I had dug up the cable TV lead into the house from the street.

    All my utilities are buried between the street and the house and, silly me, I just assumed they'd be buried more than 3" deep. I guess that was a bad assumption. Luckily it was just cable TV. It could have been the main 200 amp electrical service into the house. Lesson learned!

    So yeah, if you're gonna start digging, make sure the area is clear of utilities - wires, pipes, whatever... Better safe than sorry.
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    I seem to recall someone else doing this, and mentioning their cable line was only 3 inches deep, as well.

    I'm so far out in the boonies, we've barely even heard of cable. Might get this far out in 20 years! Heck, I was able to ditch dial-up internet when cell reception finally made it out here 2.5 years ago, and was able to upgrade from that in January.

    Rural living may have its downside, but if cable ever comes too close to me, I'll move farther out. And, after less than exciting service from a satellite provider for TV, I not only removed the satellite, but the TVs too! Now I just amuse myself here driving y'all crazy!
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    FYI: 811 is the national number, works in all 50 US states.

    Call 811 - Know what's below
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    We have to call them at work or email them for at least 10 different projects per day. Funny thing is, where I am in Houston they will not mark the utilities to the house. They only mark the public ones out in the easement. Most all of our excavating is to do foundation repair on the homes. By law we still have to call to avoid the huge fines associated with hitting something without calling it in ahead of time even though they never mark in the areas we dig.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kennyd View Post
    FYI: 811 is the national number, works in all 50 US states.

    Call 811 - Know what's below
    As someone who works for a utility company, I second Kenny's post.
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