Just one little mistake...
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Thread: Just one little mistake...

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    Just one little mistake...

    Today was my final mow for the year. The natural grass is dormant this time of year if there hasn't been much water, but there's always a few weeds that pop up and make it look ragged. If I cut it one last time about now, it'll be smooth all winter. A storm was expected later in the day, so I was moving fast (for me). So I set the mowing deck up for the drive-over and I went to remove my FEL and ballast weight rack on the 3-pt. I loaded the weight rack on the cart and put the pin in. Then I pushed the cart with the weight rack into the garage. As I crossed the expansion joint at the doorway, the weight rack popped off the cart and landed splat on the floor. Not expecting the sudden stop, I landed on top of the pile.

    It took me just a few seconds to realize that I had missed the hole with the pin. I was looking at the cart with the pin in place, but it hadn't been through the hole in the weight rack. My neighbor heard the racket and saw me on the floor commingled with ballast and he ran over to see if I was okay. By then I was already on my feet trying sort things out and figure out what to do next.

    I moved the cart out of the way. The ballast lay on the floor like a turtle on its back.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    My initial thought was to use the FEL to pick up the loaded rack (about 400 lbs), but the tractor would need ballast for a heavy lift like that. And the ballast was what was needing a lift. So I put the adrenaline to good use. I removed all the weights from the rack. Then I lifted the rack onto the cart, and made sure the pin was in the hole. Then I lifted each of the weights back onto the rack. Just a little workout in the middle of a very busy day.

    The driveway showed no serious damage. The Heavy Hitch weight rack was both tough and smart. It was undamaged, not even a scratch. The way it was designed, it never touched the driveway in this accident. The weights will need some sanding and touchup paint. They may have to wait until spring. Not many painting days left this year.

    The only damage to the driveway were a few green and yellow marks. No cracks or chips. I had a small bruise on my shin where I made contact with the pile.

    Lessons from this adventure:

    1. Moving fast can really slow you down.

    2. It was a good thing I was pushing instead of pulling. If I had been pulling, the weights could easily have hit my feet. Always push from now on.

    3. Mark the cart to make it obvious (and easier) to find the pin hole location. (I added some yellow reflective tape to mark how far to insert the shaft into the receiver.)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2018-10-06 22.42.08.jpg 
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    4. Test the connection after putting the pin in. (Yank on it to see if the pin engages.)
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    Glad you weren't hurt. We all make mistakes that we learn from. That's how we grow wiser.
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    Glad you weren't hurt (worse) than the bruise. Bet you were a little sore the next day.

    I am not sure precisely where the cross over point is, but now falling is a lot harder on the body and even just to get up than it used to be.........I guess that's part of not being 29 anymore (or 39 or 49, etc.)

    I couldn't help but laugh when I read your comment about "Glad I was pushing and not pulling at the time". It made me think of the old joke "I wish I had pulled when I was pushing" when as a result, conception occurred. (not for me, but apparently others ).....

    I recently posted a photo which I took after I found myself in a hurry and missing an important detail as well, here it is.

    Note the loader pins properly stored in the pin retainers on the loader quick connect brackets..........That's all good except when they should be holding the bucket on the FEL through the lower mounts holes on the bucket.

    No wonder the bucket wasn't dumping very well......and was just swinging away in the breeze.....No harm, no foul, no damage.
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    Normally, I first look around to make sure nobody saw what happened.

    Glad your ok.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fozsey View Post
    Normally, I first look around to make sure nobody saw what happened.
    That's one of the advantages of living on a secluded property - no one around to see your goofs! Wasn't so easy when I lived in the 'burbs!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mark02tj View Post
    That's one of the advantages of living on a secluded property - no one around to see your goofs! Wasn't so easy when I lived in the 'burbs!
    Long as your not yelling for help! Good luck if I get trapped nearest house is 1/2 mile away and some trees between us too. Still I like the distance it could be even more if I had it my way!!
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    Glad you were ok!!! There's another saying, "Some people live and learn, some people only live" I'm glad you lived and you learned!!! We also learned, and thats !!!!
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