Do you wear helmets in your Gator......
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Thread: Do you wear helmets in your Gator......

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    Do you wear helmets in your Gator......

    I am guilty of not wearing a helmet while i use the gator around the farm. I have to guess that most other people do the same as I do?

    If I were out running trails at high speed, I would wear a helmet. But most of the time I hop in and do 10mph at most as I take my crop tour. I rarely wear a seatbelt...

    The issue I have now is that my son does not want to wear a helmet when he rides with us on a quad or with his sister in her rzr 170. As a parent I want him to wear his helmet at all times! But, he looks at me and says, you are not wearing one. I can say all day long any excuse I want, it wont work... I probably should be wearing mine also.

    Whats your thoughts?


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    Yep, the kids will keep you on the straight and narrow. I myself do not have a gator or kids. Good luck with your delema.
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    Short answer for me...No-we do not wear helmets on the gator.

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    01-12-2011 @ 11:20 AM
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    Could you live with yourself if something happened to your kids and they were not wearing a helmet that could have saved their lives?
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    I dont wear a helment on my sportsman if im hunting, or working with it on the farm. But if I am out trail riding or want to go fast, I wear the helment. I went fast with out the helment once a couple years ago... Well long story short, the sportsman ended up upside down. I got lucky.

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    Many Many moons ago I can honestly say a helmet saved my life....even with the helmet I was still in the ICU for 11 days...but at least it was for internal trauma (busted liver) and not brain problems.
    My parents never "Forced" us to wear em...when tooling around the house we never did, but anytime we went for an actual "ride" we did.
    I think watching the video's of people with mangled faces and permanent disabilites during the ATV Safety Course we took as kids scared me straight.

    Around the house doing chores I probably wouldnt push it...would be hard especially if I wouldnt wear one. I think its hard to push the "Do as I say, not as I do" thing. If you want them to wear it, You'll probably need to start.

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    On the whole, right now the world is too adverse to risk. A "no injury world" is as unobtainable as a world with no bad accounts receivable, no defects in manufacturing, working on tractors and never getting some "skin in the game" and in the extreme "no one looses the game."

    Certain jobs require the right equipment, skill, knowledge and caution to be done. The challenge here is to teach kids to assess danger, not to always wrap themselves in padding. I think your "No helmet around the house/under 10 MPH but otherwise wear the helmet" is a good way to start the kids on a path where they can critically think about risk.

    As crazy as it sounds, if you do this right there will be some injuries. The goal is to have those injuries be minor cuts and bruises, not busted livers. How many of us learned to wear gloves "the hard way"? Kids learn by what they see and do, with what they hear being a distant 3rd place. A few bumps now and they will be able to think for themselves down the road when they are in situations where there is no prescribed safety plan.

    You see this aversion to risk in the business world today. No one funds a new company unless they are just about guaranteed it will be very profitable. So now other countries are innovating in areas where US business leaders fear to tread.

    When a bubble wrapped kid turns into a CEO you get Milquetoast Management.

    @ home < 10MPH --> No Helmet.
    Else, wear a helmet.

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    Thumbs up

    "Do as I say not as I do!" always worked for me.

    Seriously, far too many kids/people get killed in ATV crashes. Make them wear a helmet. Period.
    While riding your UTV at low speeds with you may be the one exception.

    I love my motorized toys, and we even race bikes and snowmobiles. Wearing Safety equipment is always a must for us during practice, trail riding, anytime! It's that one "freak" accident or dumb luck that has claimed too many on a quick ride.

    Someone posted earlier about letting them get banged up and learn for themselves to gain better judgement....I couldn't agree more, because helmets and other protective gear certainly still allows for that "experience" as well as getting bumps and bruises without the more serious injury that you may never forget!

    Plus your kids will thank you later......because they can.
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    Gator, go-cart, No. Dirt bikes, snowmobiles, horses, want to ride...put the helmet on, end of story. As a parent, what I say goes. Works for me.

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    I do not wear a helment when running the regards to the Honda ATV my wife and I both need to get a helmet. I grew up on Yamaha dirt bikes and I always wore a helment without anyone telling me I should.

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