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    Hearing Protection

    Historically I haven't been a fan of hearing protection when working outside using anything...lawn mower, trimmer, tractor etc. I hated the sound of hearing me breathing (mostly huffing and puffing) when I had regular foam ear plugs in. I have over the past few years tried all sorts of devices, but nothing really seemed to stay in my ears consistently, never used the big over the ear muffs, I don't like the way they feel when they go over my ear and you sweat WAY too much. I'd have to constantly readjust the foam or the rubber type ones for one reason or another. I have watched many of the TTWT videos with the Isotunes, and thought they might be the one to try. Ended up getting a set of the Pro model for my birthday. These ARE the ones I've been looking for. The sound is just as good as my Bose earphones, no problems with the Bluetooth staying connected while working a short distance away from the tractor, and they really do cut out a significant amount of the excess noise. Even with music (or talk radio) playing, you can still hear all the other noises that you'd want to hear while using them as well. Customer support is top-notch (mostly on facebook) everytime I had a question or concern. These stay right where they should be, and never needed to be readjusted at all.

    Sometimes I'm skeptical about a product that is "plugged" by someone using them and with them being a small company, but there are no concerns.

    If you are thinking of getting any type of protection, do yourself a favor and get a set of these.

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    How about a link to the model you're speaking of?
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    Just started looking at these, as I like to wear noise canceling ear buds both for tractor work and on the motorcycle, and I'm due for a new set...
    I'll take a look. Thanks
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    I know that Tim really likes his IsoTunes, so I also started looking at them. They had really mixed reviews - mainly around the foam plugs deteriorating quickly, IIRC. I wanted something like this so I could wear them under the ear muffs built into my Stihl Forestry Helmet. I ended up with a set of Plantronics ear buds that I bought myself for Christmas!

    So far I like them. I've owned other Plantronics gear in the past and have been satisfied. I was mowing with them a couple of weeks ago when the battery died and it was amazing how much difference there was even with the buds still in my ears. The active noise cancelling really makes a difference.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester_2320 View Post
    Use code TTWT for a $10 discount!

    I really like them.
    (See Tractor Time with Tim's main YouTube channel page)
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    If you are like me and want just hearing protection that is pretty much unbeatable. I have worn these for about 8 years and some exactly like it when in the military. You have to get a mold made of your ears but they are worth every penny. I had been looking for a set after I retired and these guys were at NRAAM and I got my mold made and got my plugs about 6 weeks later and have never even thought about going somewhere else. The do have them in bluetooth and ones with wires for NASCAR type radios etc.

    Chameleon Ears™ Solid Earplugs | E.A.R. Customized Hearing

    I don't have a fancy code for anything off etc sorry hehe LOL
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    I've been wearing these for the past 6 years. I haven't had to change or charge the batteries yet. I feel so out of date. :-)
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    These look pretty interesting I'm going to look into them more. I can buy a lot of 30dbs+ ear plugs for that price though.

    I've looked into the other brand work tunes, but to wear a full ear muff and to only get 20-24dbs reduction is crazy. A full muff should offer better reduction than that.
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    For Father's Day, Sulley Bear and Beasely bought me a set of the IsoTune Pro's for my use, which is nearly daily and often usually several hours at a time. They came via the brown truck on Wednesday and I have been using them since.......

    Previously, I wore the over the ear 3m hearing protectors with bluetooth for use with my tractor radio. I was (am) also wearing corded Bose earbuds inside of the over the ear hearing protectors and the sound quality was extraordinary. The only issue was the cord for the ear plugs because the IPod Classic which I have 600 of my favorite tunes on didn't broadcast in Blue tooth.

    So, my K9 kids bought me a small transmitter to plug into my IPod Classic, which I always wore on my suspender strap, under my outer shirt, up high near my shoulder. I always could tell exactly where the I Pod classic was located (Dang expensive and no longer manufactured now they are "antiques", but still a wonderful music device....) so I never had to worry about it. Also, when I got off the equipment I never had to think about "range" of the blue tooth signal as the Bose ear buds are corded. Yes, the cord is an issue, but a small one as it was all inside my shirt.

    I have used these IsoTune Pro's now for 4 days, about 8 hours each of those days.......My opinion thus far.........ehh........

    I can't seem to keep the noise blocked out consistently with the ISotune Pro's. They start out working as they should and then they seem to "creep" out of my ears. I have tried two different sizes of the ear foam and I compressed the foam before inserting them. Next are going to be the tapered rubber plugs with flanges on them.

    Also, I have to really insert them into my ear to block the noise, verses the Bose ear plugs since I was wearing the large head phones over the Bose ear units.

    I now have to place the IPod classic either in the "glove box" area on my Zero Turn or my 1025r as it's too bulky to wear on the suspender strap with the transmitter and the special cable connector I bought. Since the IPod Classic is $450+ to replace and the music on it was expensive to originally accumulate, I certainly don't want to risk losing it. Plus, the apple I Tunes site and my computer don't get along because I changed computers since my original downloads and misplaced the original log in authentication information and despite several emails with Apple, that issue hasn't been resolved (hopefully, just "yet").

    There hasn't been much music created in the last 10+ years which I am interested in, so I haven't added to my collection in quite some time. Which also means I haven't used the ITunes site, which is now largely being eliminated with "streaming"......

    Bottom line on my experience thus far with the IsoTune Pro's gets a rating of 3 out of 5 stars. I sincerely hope it improves.

    Its one more thing to have to charge after their use each day, and now with the new transmitter on the IPod Classic, I end up charging the IPod (which was always easy and I have a plug in my drawer when I take it off, I plug it in) but now I have to charge the transmitter and also the Isotunes. So now there are 3 items to charge to use these. It's just a matter of getting used to plugging everything in each day after use.

    The other issue which I noticed that isn't quite as handy is when someone stops me to ask me something or talk, before, I would push the pause button on my Ipod on my left shoulder and lift the right side ear muff off my ear and continue wearing them. Now, I have to physically remove the ISotune Pro' from my right ear and turn off the sound source as well or it keeps transmitting in my left ear when someone is talking to you. Since I don't have the music source on me now, I had to use the little remote and turn the volume down, which takes a little getting used to. If you end up removing the IsoTunes Pro, It takes two hands to insert them as you "stretch" your ear lobe outward to open the ear canal while inserting the Isotunes Pro. It's not a big deal, just not as convenient.

    Probably the biggest disappointment is the way the noise levels creep up while wearing them. Hopefully, I will find the right ear plug to fit so this annoyance stops. The sound volume is limited on the IsoTunes Pro based upon OSHA sound limits and when there isn't any machine noise, etc,. the sound level is fine. With the outside noise of the machine, I personally would like to increase the volume just slightly, but the Federal Regs won't permit it so I am maxed out at the decibels which OSHA indicates, which I can't alter.

    I am not giving up on the IsoTunes as not having the ear muff over the ears is an improvement. In the winter, having the ear muffs while plowing snow means I don't have to wear my ear wraps for warmth. The warmth of the 3 M hearing protectors are actually a benefit in the cold weather, so I would likely have to wear my winter ear coverings which I carry in my coat pocket.

    The other issue I haven't addressed is whether I can also use my tractor radio as a Blue tooth source since I have the IPod classic now transmitting. I would imagine I would have to only have one transmitting source turned on at a time. I would like them to be able to "auto connect' on the pairing for both the Ipod Classic and the tractor radio. The instructions seem to indicate that would work, I just haven't tried it yet.

    I would also like to incorporate my cell phone into the blue tooth so I can answer the phone while wearing them, which is one of the benefits on the marketing material. That would mean 3 different Blue tooth signal sources, so that might not be possible. The manufacturer claims the Isotunes Pro are designed to block out the mower noise from the back ground and allow you to take and or make phone calls while operating the tractor or zero turn mower. I haven't tried that yet as it requires getting used to the sequence of buttons to push on the tiny controller near your right ear. I will attempt these additional uses soon and see what happens........

    When in my tractor cab plowing snow, I listen to the radio through the 3M hearing protectors with the Blue tooth and they work fine. It does seem the blue tooth signal source of the radio in the cab is much stronger than the little blue tooth transmitter I am using on my Ipod classic. Yesterday, while walking around outside of 30 feet of the zero turn mower, the signal would be interrupted and fade in and out. I am able to walk more than 150 feet away from the tractor while wearing the 3M ear muff and never had the signal break up. In fact, I never think about it as it hasn't happened.

    Between the Isotune Pro's, the Blue tooth transmitter, the special connection cable to permit the cable be kinked in a 180 degree pattern I have about $140 invested in these to work with my system. I really don't want to "stream" my music through my phone. My phone doesn't contain music and I don't want it to, unless there is some way to access my entire I Tunes library on my Android Phone. Right now, I am just getting used to these and before making any more changes, I am going to see if I can get them to consistetly block the outside noise......

    One other issue I have noticed using these IsoTune Pro's for hearing protection. When I use the over the ear muffs from 3m, I don't hear myself. When you have a music source which rests in your ear canal, it uses the bone in your ear for developing the sound, etc. As a result, I hear myself more than I did with the over the ear muff system, which means I actually don't hear the machine noise as "consistently"......It makes monitoring the tractor and mower sounds a little more difficult, which just takes getting used to.........

    Right now, I can't recommend or discourage the purchase of these IsoTune Pro's. I will give them the opportunity to resolve the "fitment" issue with different ear plugs and hopefully, that eliminates the "outside noise creep" which is now occurring. I don't like to have to keep adjusting them by shoving them further into my ear canal to keep the noise out and music levels closer to where I would like them to be........"Stay tuned" for more details......How's that for a bad pun...??
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