Safety Observations on my Little Tractor
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Thread: Safety Observations on my Little Tractor

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    Safety Observations on my Little Tractor

    Beyond the multiple stickers calling out dangerous acts on every open space on the tractor and implements, and beyond the obvious "don't stick your foot under the mower", I've come across a few actions that I have taken that could have harmed or killed me on this thing. Most seem OK until you REALLY think about them.

    I'll mow a little closer to that tree...

    This is the one that really got me thinking. Branches about chest level, drive the tractor in until the branch just touches my chest? What an idiot. A foot slip on the forward pedal and I'm impaled.

    There is a way to mow under that clothes line....

    Once again, there is a that clothesline or something else potentially across my chest pinning me to the ROPS with a very innocent push on the forward pedal. But the 12 seconds worth of hand mowing I saved is worth it? Again, idiot.

    I have a tractor, I'll drag this tree across the hill and into the woods...

    Hook that bad boy up above the axle, and you'll be doing it on 2 wheels, or worse, on your side. Might look good for a while, until your wheel hits a rut and over you go. I don't know if you can drive slow enough when you are stupid.

    I'll jump off the BH real quick and check that....

    Shorts and the backhoe don't mix. I jumped off on the left side (Facing backwards) and my shorts got caught on the swing control arm (I'm fairly tall). In slow motion I see the boom swinging right into where I am going to jump off the deck. Caught myself, barely. But the thought of hanging there stuck on the controls, while the boom crushed me sent shivers down my spline.

    Neutral means no gears or engine braking...

    I can't tell you how many times I've concentrated on hooking up the mower or an implement and released the brake only to find I didn't put it back in gear. I don't have 5 SF of flat area. I don't use the brakes very often and when the thing rolls back down the hill with the wheels turned a bit, I am in trouble. Always hit the brakes, but someday it won't just be a pucker factor.

    At work we prepare Job Hazard Analysis sheets for the work we are going to do. I prepare them on what I think our guys will do, the hazards associated with that task, the things they need to do to mitigate that hazard, and what to do if there is a problem. They go to the worksite, check it out, whatta bout, whatta bout......add to the list. I visit the site, whatta bout, whatta bout. We stop, talk about it, add to the list.

    Take that concept home, and specifically when we are operating our Tractors. A pilot is always looking for the next place he can land if he gets in trouble. Tractor guys need to be able to think about what-if, all the time, every time. Let's go back inside for dinner safe.

    Please feel free to add your "outside the safety sticker" experiences.
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    Great points Fred! Thanks for sharing this.

    BTW, I moved this to the Tractor & Equipment Safety forum for a better fit.
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    Great post! One has to be constantly vigilant when operating any kind of equipment. For some of us it is natural to have this constant vigilance but some of us have to conscientiously work at it.

    I found this with myself especially when I was driving big truck on the highway. I always had myself an "out" or escape route of sorts. The most frustrating part of this was when I had to run through 3 different cities where I would be trapped in the middle of a 5 or 6 lane section of the highway. The traffic in those areas was so heavy, fast, and aggressive that I couldn't wait to get through it to where I could once again control my "out".

    You can never let your guard down or become complacent - that's when the bad stuff happens.
    It is what it is
    Knowledge is power, ignorance is bliss
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    Let's roll!

    Personally, I enjoy testing the tipping point of my 1025r by mowing sideways on a hill with no seat belt and the rops down.

    I've been a professional automotive technician for 30 years. One thing I've done since day one is to re-inspect where the feet of my hoist were making contact to the vehicle I'm working on once it's up in the air. If something looks even the slightest bit "iffy", down it comes for a reset. I have never had even a close call as a result. The careless people I've worked with, on the other hand, have all had their share of underwear-changing, if not heart-stopping moments. There's nothing like watching a pickup truck slide off the back of a hoist and careen through the shop door into parked vehicles or slide sideways into a wall due to improperly leveled contact points. My favorite, however, was watching an inexperienced tire changer jack the front of a vehicle up with one jack in the middle of the font end, then proceed to jack the rear up using the same method. The car was off the ground about 2 inches, perfectly level on two hand jacks until he took 1 tire off. It ever-so-slowly and gently rocked over and sat on the opposing two tires. When he got done reinstalling that tire, the car gently rocked back up to center. He did this for all four tires without even realizing what was going on. I didn't feel he was in eminent danger, so I let it proceed just because of my amazement and the humor (at the time) of it.
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    Having grown up with old farm equipment (much of which I continue to use), I am often surprised at the multitude of warning labels and safety interlocks on new equipment, tools, and other household goods. I think there is one page in my M's operating manual dedicated to things you shouldn't do. While I tend to leave most guards alone, I am guilty of immediately removing safety lockouts from tools and equipment to increase usability. As a consequence, I'm also much more careful in my operation of those tools.

    My grandfather is fond of saying: if its is sharper than you, faster than you, or hotter than you... don't touch it!

    Things I do... even though most of the time I know better:
    "A little closer... closer..."
    "I can fit though/over/under that"
    "Where's my cheater pipe?"
    "I can't find a cotter-pin... But I do have a nail!"
    "I think I can pull that stump/rock/log out of there"
    "That chain should be strong enough" - usually in reference to the previous
    "That chain should be long enough"
    "Of course there's enough fuel in the tank"
    "That shouldn't take very long"
    "That's the third time today I've replaced that shear-pin... I'll just put a bolt in it."
    "Ok Honey, I'll be home in an hour"

    That last one can be more dangerous than my Bark Buster wood splitter!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Evergreen View Post
    My grandfather is fond of saying: if its is sharper than you, faster than you, or hotter than you... don't touch it!

    Words to live by
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