Be Careful When Working Near Roadways
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Thread: Be Careful When Working Near Roadways

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    Be Careful When Working Near Roadways

    Here's a thread from WFM showing a near fatal accident involving a John Deere 420. The guy was using a broom on the front of his 420 to clear his driveway. When he got down to the end, he was turning around in the roadway when his tractor died. A girl, probably going too fast, came blasting down the road and hit him. The tractor driver fortunately survived, but his 420 almost didn't. Thanks to a WFM member, who bought the tractor, the 420 lives again. Be careful out there.

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    That's a good reminder, most of us deal with the roadway. Thanks for the post.
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    That guy was lucky to walk away from that wreck. I'm so glad I live at the end of a Dead End road; but that doesn't mean I let my guard down when I occasionally enter the street.
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    Scary stuff for sure! Glad the operator is ok AND it looks like the LGT has new life too. I just LOVE the old 400 series LGT.
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    Well thanks for the information, hope to stay away from roads because you never know what may hit you .

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