Your first tractor. GTT's virtual tractor show.
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Thread: Your first tractor. GTT's virtual tractor show.

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    Thumbs up Your first tractor. GTT's virtual tractor show.

    A member suggested that we have a "what was your first tractor?" idea. (Thanks Levi!) I though we could combine this into a virtual tractor show here on GTT.

    Here's how it works. Post a picture of your first tractor, no matter the color. Don't have a pic? Borrow one from the internet. Make sure to tell us about it. It's history, the story behind it. Most importantly, do you still have it? Remember, this is a virtual tractor show. Videos are more than welcome.

    You can also include pictures of your current tractors and ones you've previously owned.

    Let's try to keep this close to on-topic please. Start a new thread in the appropriate forum if you want to discuss something further. This will keep the 'show' flowing with great tractor pics and great stories from the owners.

    I'll start off here.

    I inherited 2 tractors from my Grandpa Casey. He owned a farm in Oklahoma. When I moved from Alaska, I visited him. He had a bunch of tractors out in "the back 40." Something on the order of over 50 different tractors. I've always loved going to his farm and checking out his various inventions and contraptions. He was always brewing up another machine. During this visit, I discovered a John Deere model 60. It was a 1954 model that was un-molested and looked to be complete. When I asked him about it, he said it was his favorite tractor he's ever owned. It was reliable and economical to run. He said the transmission locked up in two gears at once when he last used it. He tried unsuccessfully to repair it, but failed. He even hired a mechanic to fix the transmission. The mechanic broke off the shifter forks with a pry bar. So there it sat. I told him I'd like to buy it from him. I had no home, no land, and no plan, but I knew I had to have it. I asked him when he was done with it, I'd like to buy it from him. A few months later he called and said to come get it. Here it was in all it's glory. It hadn't moved in many years and the transmission shifter tower was removed and left open and exposed that whole time. I purchased it from him for the lump sum of $1.

    Click image for larger version.

Name:	PC160007.JPG
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Size:	859.1 KB
ID:	39707 Click image for larger version.

Name:	PC160009.JPG
Views:	30
Size:	876.9 KB
ID:	39708 Click image for larger version.

Name:	PC160014.JPG
Views:	31
Size:	827.4 KB
ID:	39709

    I'm currently doing a custom restoration of this tractor. I had hoped to get it done and give it back to him. Unfortunately he passed not too long ago. Pictures of this tractor going through major repairs brought big smiles to him in his last months.

    It's not a show piece, and never will be. It will be a really nice tractor that will be able to go be used. Here is what I hope it turns out like.

    You can follow along on the restoration here.

    During the same visit, he made me take. He said it was part of the deal. It's a Chinese tractor that truly introduced me to the versatility of owning a compact tractor.

    Click image for larger version.

Name:	IMG_1394.JPG
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Size:	1.55 MB
ID:	39710

    It was a piece of junk on the best days. When I could get it to run, it actually worked fairly well. I owned it for two years and did various jobs with a box blade. This tractor led me to getting a newer, much more versatile 1 series tractor when JD first introduced them.

    Click image for larger version.

Name:	IMG_1832.JPG
Views:	28
Size:	1.66 MB
ID:	39715

    Now let's see your first tractor! Click image for larger version.

Name:	JohnnyPopper.gif
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ID:	39712
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    Click image for larger version.

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk1423331403.984898.jpg
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ID:	39714
    My first tractor is my current 3005. We just moved to an acreage a couple years ago and in order to keep my back together I thought getting a loader was in line. Have worked it hard over the past two summers pulling trees, clearing/leveling ground and digging holes. This current winter has let me work it pretty good for snow too. Initially I thought it was going to be a buy it/ use it/ sell it type of deal but she has proven herself to me that she is a keeper.


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    Click image for larger version.

Name:	1st tractor.JPG
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ID:	39713 This is my first tractor I ever owned. It's a Ford LGT165, 18 HP. I bought it in the spring of '78. It came with a 48" mower deck and a rear tiller. I owned it till the spring of '92, at which time I traded it for my first green one. It served me well. The only bad I can remember is the way the tiller worked. It had a shaft that ran from the front to the rear to operate it. The shaft would bend and wear out the bearings. That's my grandson on the tractor. Could never get him off of it every time he came over. I'm on my 3rd one as of now. I got a 425 AWS JD that I traded the Ford for. It came with a 62" deck, QA front blade, rear tiller, 5 suitcase weights. Traded that in 2003 for a 2210 and in 2013 I traded that for what I have now, 1026R. Thanks Jason for starting this thread. Should be interesting.
    1026R -- 60D mmm -- H120 Loader -- Curtis 150 Tiller -- DR 3 point Chipper -- Howse Middle Buster -- Brinly 16 Blade Disk -- Kodiak 5' Box Blade -- 12-42 lb. suitcase weights -- Lawn roller -- Upgraded seat springs from psrumors -- Kennyd's bolt on hooks & clevis -- BXpanded tooth bar -- CMI 6' wagon -- Heavy Hitch Cultivator /garden bedder / hiller attachments --

    Donated by some great people/vendors on here: 72 lb. wheel weights -- Bro-Tek 1" rear wheel spacers.
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    Some of you have already read this story, but I'll add it here anyway.

    My first tractor is still mine. She was the first piece of mechanized farm equipment on my granddad's farm. My granddad traded in 2 plow mules on the tractor. The mules went to Louisiana to work in the rice fields. The kids (my dad being one of them) cried to see the plow mules go.

    When my granddad died, dad got the tractor. And when dad passed, she became mine. So, I guess you could say that she is a one owner girl! Not sure who will love her after me. I thought she was a 1936 model Avery, but if tractordata is accurate, her serial number puts her as a 1941 model.

    I really should buy a lottery ticket once in a while, because I would love to restore her, but would need some serious time, as well as money. Probably going to be hard to find parts for her, which means they will not be cheap. But I rode in dad's lap as a kid that was barely walking, and grew up with her. The electric starter never worked right, so when I was a teenager, dad took the battery off and the cables to the starter, and always hand cranked her. I would need to get the electric start back usable, because I do not have the upper body strength to crank effectively.
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    Ohh - I'll play!

    I bought my first tractor soon after making the big move from the city to my property in the boonies. Couldn't stand the city anymore - bought a piece of land here in NW Penna and spent my weekends building a cabin by hand. Got to the point of the cabin being enclosed and made the big move. Quit my job and moved north with no work or anything lined up.

    One of the first things I purchased with the proceeds of the sale of the city house was my tractor. I knew I needed something for grading my driveway (1/2 mile all hill), snow removal, and skidding firewood. Cruised through the nearby Deere dealer - he had a lawn & garden site plus a heavy equipment/farm site. Spotted a 2010 diesel on the lot which looked like the perfect size for me. Went in to inquire about it but it had already been sold, but was told he had a gas model in the shed. Long story short we made a deal and it was delivered the following week. Had to drive the tractor the last 8 miles since the township dirt road was in bad shape.

    What a great choice that tractor was. Had to learn everything the hard way by trial and error - no internet back then to learn anything. Wasn't too mechanical to start with but soon learned a lot - especially about updraft carburetors and positive ground systems.

    When we moved off the top of the mountain to the bottom, all I needed was something to mow grass and plow snow. Sold the 2010 for more than I paid for it and used part of the proceeds to buy my first Deere garden tractor - my 332. From there it went from the 332 to the 2010 to my now present 2250.

    Not my tractor but very close to the condition of mine:

    Click image for larger version.

Name:	john-deere-2010-for-sale-0.jpg
Views:	27
Size:	515.9 KB
ID:	39721

    Delivery day - the 332 going away (snif) and the 2210 being delivered:

    Click image for larger version.

Name:	IMG_1245.jpg
Views:	29
Size:	565.5 KB
ID:	39722

    And my 2520 when brand new:

    Click image for larger version.

Name:	IMG_2590.JPG
Views:	29
Size:	1.59 MB
ID:	39723
    It is what it is
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    Click image for larger version.

Name:	P4040758.JPG
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Size:	1.08 MB
ID:	39744
    My 1st tractor was a 1976 300. The first winter we lived in our new house I realized the 21" Honda paddle wheel blower wasn't going to cut it. I designed a driveway, that no matter where or how she parked, I could get around her. I paid for it that winter. By the time I got to an edge I had thrown the snow 7 or 8 times at least.

    That spring I was helping the city buy an ambulance. We were done with the changes to the rig and were making small talk. I said to the salesman something about my driveway and the little blower. He says have I got a deal for you. He had the 300 with a 49 blower and a small driveway. He couldn't justify keeping it anymore and he didn't want to sell it to just anybody. I had to agree to give him the first right of refusal if I ever sold it.

    To shorten the story, a buddy and I went to pick it up. We were standing in his garage and he says, looking at the ground, I have to tell you something. I thought oh crap. He says just before you came I was out here taking pictures of it.

    It didn't need much, I repainted the side panels, the fender deck and the frame. It's been a good tractor.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 300.jpg

    Sometimes I'm only funny to myself.

    300, 140, 318, 430, 314, 110. Brinly plows, disk, 80 cart, couple of 49 blowers, 3 54 blades, 33 tiller, tilt dump MCS, HPX Gator, CS Gator, Model A. Struck MD 750 w/bucket and hoe.
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    Not Sure this is a Tractor

    Well, for me, it all started when I bought my 2.8 acres and need to keep it presentable. I bought it brand new on a credit card for $5500+. It was a 1995 520 Wheelhorse with a 60 inch deck and hydrostatic drive (just before the foot pedals became popular). It had a 20 horsepower Onan engine. I eventually equipped it with snow blower, tiller, spreader, sprayer, and grader blade. It was a good machine.
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    Randy __________________________________________________ ___ Be Safe!

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    My first tractor was a 1941 Ford 9N. Its only duty was snow removal using a 6-foot rear blade. Heavy snow was still handled with a 13HP 33" walk-behind. I didn't really know much about tractors when I bought it but it served me well for 15-years requiring only routine fluid changes, occasional new spark plugs and a new 6V battery every now and then.

    Click image for larger version.

Name:	AB2E4677.jpg
Views:	25
Size:	1.67 MB
ID:	39759

    Wanting to have live-hydraulics to make plowing easier I upgraded to a 1954 Ford NAA. The tractor needed a bit of work and I eventually got it to where I wanted it. I managed to find a crusty set of pie weights on Craigslist which I cleaned up and repainted. The live hydraulics of the NAA was nice but it wasn't as handy as a plow tractor as the 9N was.

    Click image for larger version.

Name:	AB2E9060.JPG
Views:	25
Size:	1.31 MB
ID:	39761

    I eventually decided to get out of the antique tractor business and upgrade to something more modern that would be a bit more versatile. So I sold the NAA and got a JD 2720. I sort of miss the old tractors and if I would have had a proper place to store them I probably would have just parked them in the corner and kept them but unfortunately I don't have the room. So it was out with the old and in with the new. I now use the 2720 for loader work and in the winter with a 54" front blower and 5-foot rear blade.

    Click image for larger version.

Name:	2720.jpg
Views:	23
Size:	862.7 KB
ID:	39763
    2012 2720 -- 200CX Loader -- 54" Quick Attach Snow Blower -- Frontier LR5060 Rake -- Land Pride RB1660 Blade (Hydraulic Angle) -- Artillian 42" Forks -- Ken's Bolt on Grab Hooks -- Fit Rite Hydraulic top-link -- 2013 X500 for mowing duties

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    The first one I actually owned was a JD 70D, then moved up to a 720D ES Just like this one: Click image for larger version.

Name:	TRACTOR SHOWS 2006 062.jpg
Views:	22
Size:	44.7 KB
ID:	39764 That Dad bought new & I grew up on. My second one was a model "V" Avery, then this 520: Click image for larger version.

Name:	TRACTOR SHOWS 2008 003a.jpg
Views:	20
Size:	51.1 KB
ID:	39766Click image for larger version.

Name:	TRACTOR SHOWS 2006 061 (Small).jpg
Views:	14
Size:	46.5 KB
ID:	39765 The 140 H1 was my first JD garden tractor. Then on through a series of garden tractors: Click image for larger version.

Name:	Copy of TRACTOR SHOWS 2008 084.jpg
Views:	20
Size:	40.5 KB
ID:	39767 Now own a 314, 60 & 70 (both modified), 100 (under restoration at the moment), '04-790: Click image for larger version.

Name:	HPIM1254.JPG
Views:	17
Size:	1.15 MB
ID:	39768 & last, but not least my newly acquired 1953-40S. Click image for larger version.

Name:	HPIM1489.JPG
Views:	15
Size:	548.7 KB
ID:	39769

    1944 JD LA, 1953 JD 40S, 93-755 w/60" deck, '04-790 w/300 loader, 2000-F725, '07 "TS" Gator, 80-314 & numerous attachments!, 1980-2418 Power King, 1948 AC "G" & 1961 International Cub Lo Boy

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    My dad has purchased an old rear-engine 5hp Montgomery Ward riding mower in the early '60s. By the mid-70s it was burning more oil than gas so he went out shopping. The Monkey Ward was still running and he wasn't in any rush.. He was in Sears looking for a new fridge and this was sitting in the corner on clearance. He liked the idea so, he brought it home. The would have been the spring of 1975.

    A 1974 Sears LT/36E electric "tractor".

    Click image for larger version.

Name:	sears.jpg
Views:	23
Size:	130.7 KB
ID:	39770

    It ran on 3 DieHard deep-cycle batteries with a built in charger tucked under the seat, Plug it in and it would recharge over night. The batteries held enough charge that you could mow for just over an hour. That was long enough for me to mow his lawn. The next day I'd mow the old man's lawn next door. He was in his 90s and he had an old sheepdog for a companion. Nicest man in the world. In the winter we'd go over and shovel out his driveway and he and his wife would make us hot cocoa. Any way, my dad always had me mow his lawn and I'd clean up all his leaves every fall too.

    I put a LOT of hours on that mower. Was always amazed with how simple the thing was. Had a 3-speed gear tranny and one 12VDC electric motor for the drive system. Two separate 12VDC electric motors to run the blades. Had a key to turn it on and one switch to turn the blades off/on. That was all the controls you needed. At one point after we'd had it for a few years some of the electrical wiring burned up and I re-built the wiring harness (I was an apprentice electrician so my dad figured that was right up my alley).

    I went in the military in 1979 so my dad drove it after that until he couldn't any more. He hired out lawn care for the last few years they lived in that house. When they finally sold their house in CT and retired to FL in 1995 I drove down to CT and picked it up. It hadn't run in years but it was sitting in the garage collecting dust. I think I spent more on replacement batteries for it than he paid for it originally but I used it for a couple of years on my yard up in Maine. Sold it when I moved to OK and only after I sold it did I find out that there were only 500 of them ever made. Not sure how many remain at this point but I did run across a couple of Web sites and I guess guys collect them. Who knew?
    D160 Mower/Bagger.
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