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Thread: Tilt Trailers - Just noticed a drawback

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    Tilt Trailers - Just noticed a drawback

    The company who does the plowing near where I work just dropped off a Skid Steer to do some cleanup....I noticed a drawback I never thought of...
    When they dropped it off the deck was frozen solid, it wouldnt tilt...so they chipped away at some of the ice, backed up the SS and started bouncing the bucket...eventually she popped and tilted back...got the SS off, and then they couldnt get it to seat enough to lock the transport latches...threw a chain around it and took off...

    Figured I'd mention it to anybody who may do wintertime towing..I know I NEVER thought about that aspect...

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    When I looked at the PJ T6, it was outside and covered in about 6" of snow. It had not been run down the road, but the sun had melted some into ice. I was able to brake it free to tilt by jumping on the back a few times. Before we put it back, we cleaned out the area where it clamped down.

    I can see that once it started to get packed in between the decks and froze, it could be a pain. The worse part would be if he had a car/truck he needed to get on the trailer and nothing on it to help tilt it....

    They are very, very nice trailers, but the added weight and cost make them hard for the guy who tows once and a while to justify the cost.


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    I never considered that-definitely something to think about!

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