Why it is important to tie down your stuff.
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Thread: Why it is important to tie down your stuff.

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    Why it is important to tie down your stuff.

    Two short cuts were taken here 1. a cut thru a parking lot 2.excavator was not tied down.

    No one was hurt however there was a big dent in the parking lot, a few scratches and dents on the excavator and a big hole in the wallet of the owner (or truck driver)??

    The tow truck driver and crew did a good job in turning it upright and setting it down, as you would put a baby in a crib. The machine weighs about 35,000 pounds + or - .

    J-D Don
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    Reminds me of when i was Asst. Store manager for Best Buy and one night i helped a couple get financed for a Amanna fridge around 2200$$ and they loaded in their truck and took it home. After they left the warehouse manager came and told me they did not tie it down but had is setting upright behind the cab os tthe truck. Well low and behold about half an hour later here they come mad has H**L thah it fell out of the truck going over RR tracks and they wanted a new one. I went out and looked at it and it was trashed!! Needlesss to say the answer was NO but the fight was on. I filled out several reports for our company and the finance compoany and don't knopw how it ended up. I know i never saw it again.
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    I recently saw an acquaintance at the local Home Depot parking lot. He had a new, fully decked out Polaris Ranger in a utility trailer without any tie down straps. When I challenged him about it, he just shrugged his shoulders, told me he set the parking brake and didn't need to go far. I told him it was not only illegal but could cause damage, even death, to innocent people. He cut the conversation short when I told him he shouldn't leave his driveway without proper tie downs.
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    That's not gonna be cheap.
    Total cab replacement should be in order as once the frame is damaged it's no longer deemed a safe ROPS.
    But then again unless insurance is paying the bill, it may be from now on a convertible.
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    That will make for a really bad day
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    Allot of folks forget about the laws of physics. Mass and inertia can be your friend or enemy.

    The guy with the ATV and just breaks set like the fridge people go oh this is heavy. They forget that when you hit a bump what you are hauling in your bed area or on a trailer becomes separated and weight does not matter. Hit the RR tracks fridge pops up and the truck drives right out from under it, that is until it hits the tailgate. At which point it flips over the Bach.

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    Last summer the dealer called me to inform me they had a recall on my 4066R. Two days later, the driver came by to pick it up. He stopped out on the road with the trailer so he could load it on a 40ft gooseneck flatbed. I just barely caught him before he left with it as I did not know he was here. When he was strapping it down, I noticed one of the tie down straps was cut in half. I called him on that and ticked him off when I told him that I guess I might get a new tractor out of it. He then used chains and boomers to tie it down and he brought it back the same way. I was not a happy camper about the cut strap. I still plan to discuss this with the dealership manager the next time I am in there, which is not very often.

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    I worked at a tractor dealership in high school, and I remember the day the owner came in with a tractor that slid off the flat bed and broke the rear end into pieces. They were bringing it in for service. The owner did the right thing and replaced it all. Suspensionless tractors don't do so hot when you drop them several feet. Cast rear end houses don't handle impulse loads well at all.

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    Things will happen when you going down the road that you just wouldn't expect. Laws of physics are funny things. Wind pressure, bumps, inertia, etc. all come together to cause problems. You really have to be careful and fasten things 4x as well as you think would be adequate.

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    That is going to hurt someones wallet ..

    Several years ago a near 80 yr old fellow wanted to use his New 24' gooseneck trailer. So he hooks it to his F550 Flatbed and ties down a push mower in the center of the bed. Anyway he goes about 8 miles from his house, parks in the middle of a street . He mows a small section of grass for a friend , takes maybe 5 mins. He comes back to put the mower on flatbed and drivers are blowing their horns, cursing him and giving him his age or school grade.
    He throws the mower on the deck, and doesn't take the time to tie it down. About 5 miles up the road hits a bump in the road and he hears this noise. Looks in mirrors just as he sees his lawnmower goes up under a Front Wheel drive car . Car looses traction because tires are off the ground , car behind this car comes close to rear ending the car that runs over the lawnmower. Well the old fellow says I'm getting the heck out of town, runs 2 red lights and gets to his house.

    Backs the trailer in parking place , unhooks and puts his truck away. Good no one follows him ,,he's in the clear only out a day old push mower .
    About 30mins later he's out working in his garage and he sees a WV State Police cruiser setting in his driveway...Shi_..

    Seems the driver of the FW told State Police it was his fault and he thought he was in trouble so he was willing to pay for the push mower

    The old fellow asked the State Trooper how they knew to come to his place.. Trooper told him well if someone wouldn't have their last name cut into the aluminum back rail and if someone didn't have lights behind these letters it would have been hard to find him. The old fellow told the trooper no need to have the man pay for the mower he would take care of it himself..

    True story , happened to a friend of my older brother.
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    Have fun and be safe !!!
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