Glass Replacement! In the Driveway????????
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Thread: Glass Replacement! In the Driveway????????

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    Glass Replacement! In the Driveway????????

    I didn't know where to post this, but wanted to share. Customer Service has really changed over the years. Obviously anyone that has had to call, has no idea where that call is going! My wife had a stone fly up and nick her windshield. It was right at the edge. The crack then ran right across the whole thing. Well Call INS CO and Safe-lite. I thought, OK Holidays over, let's get this done. Call Safelite. (Nice Folks!) and tell them I need an appointment! He said "I can have a Tech out on Tuesday." I said "No, you don't understand I want to bring it in" Puzzled he says "Why"? I said it's 9* out snowing like hell with a 25mph wind....... your call?" "Oh, guess the Tech would like you to bring it in"! I know it's Central Booking for all their location somewhere warm! Got the number of the shop that going to do it, and I'm going to call and see if they want it the night before so it can 'thaw' in a warm shop.... They often don't see the whole picture! :-) ~Scotty

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    The glass companies around here are structured as "on site" outfits. Our local Safelite doesn't have a work area in their facility, it's just a warehouse.

    When we have to have windshields replaced on the work trucks, we park them inside out shop and the glass folks come to us. It's heated in the winter, anyway.

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    I had mine replaced two years ago after a mishap with a load of wood. From the time arrived till he left was no more than 30 minutes

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