So many neat projects, so little money.
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Thread: So many neat projects, so little money.

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    So many neat projects, so little money.

    Why is it that Iím always coming across awesome projects that Iíd love to tinker with. I could get this but getting the money from the bank (aka the Mrs.) might not be worth it. But what a cool cub hauler this would make.

    Oh well there might be a JD 730 Diesel for sale locally in the near future. Think Iíll save my begging for that.

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    Know the feeling. That would be a neat hauler
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    Thanks Bob
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    My Mom's '55 Chevy convertible had that same 235 cubic inch straight six coupled to a two speed iron case Powerglide transmission. That car was wheezy at our altitude; so I can imagine a 1.5-ton farm truck with that same engine would be a real slug. However; in the right hands that old farm truck could be made into something cool.
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