New truck .
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Thread: New truck .

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    New truck .

    Looking at Tacoma , Colorado ,Dakota ? What is consensus here ? I do know where there is a white Ford , sitting and the add says ran till parked ! Seriously , what would you look at ? Kevin .

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    What are your needs and wants? You havenít given us much to go off of yet.

    Maybe you need a diesel 10x10 with a huge lift and to be able to tow 3 million pounds at 258 mph?

    Maybe you need a base model compact with a 4 banger?
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    Are you sure a minivan wouldn't be better suited to your needs??

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevin37b View Post
    Looking at Tacoma , Colorado ,Dakota ? What is consensus here ? I do know where there is a white Ford , sitting and the add says ran till parked ! Seriously , what would you look at ? Kevin .
    I went through this decision 2 years ago. I wanted a truck, but didnít want a full size for many reasons: parking around town, parking in my garage, nicer to drive. I ended up with the Tacoma, and itís been good so far. Toyotas have been pretty reliable in my experience, Iíve seen/had many issues with GM/Dodge trucks over the years. The Tacoma is a pretty basic truck, so if you want something to rival a typical car/SUV in luxury maybe the Colorado or Dakota might be better. The full size trucks definitely are more luxurious. The other issue is all 3 of these are more expensive then going with a full-size. I do use my Tacoma reasonably hard, but the majority of the use is using the bed, not towing things. Iíve towed a flatbed with my 2038r on it at a total of ~8000lbs and it will do it, but itís straining itís guts out. Yes I know itís rated towing capacity is 7k, so I donít do that often. Maybe 20 miles once a year or so. If you plan to tow > 3000 lbs on a semi regular basis, Iíd consider either a diesel Colorado (I think that itís out now), or go with a full-size. Iíve regularly filled the bed (I have the long bed) piled high with oak, or concrete chunks and itís taken everything I can throw at it without issues. The weakest part of any Toyota is the entertainment display. They really are like 10 years behind everyone else.

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    I donít see the Ranger on the list....

    Click image for larger version.†

Name:	F8D72C25-FED5-496D-9726-04FA3C148A19.png†
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    Honda! Honda! Honda!

    The Ridgeline will do better in the snow. And is more fun to drive all the way around. It has the same towing capacity as the others. (in less you put a diesel in one or something like that) I over load mine all the time. You can't tear it up. Ask tractor time with Tim he will tell you.Click image for larger version.†

Name:	KIMG1430.JPG†
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    I donít think Ram makes the Dakota any longer . I have a Colorado, I will never buy another one . Itís unlikely Iíll ever buy another gm product. Itís an 05 and the frame has rust holes in it, I probably shouldnít be driving it. But Iím going to run it till it breaks in half. I only have 106,000 miles on it. It only gets 14 - 17 mpg. My 2016 f250 gets 12 - 14 with a light load.

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    There is good and bad in every brand! I wouldn't know what to tell you to look at.
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    Quote Originally Posted by coaltrain View Post
    I don’t see the Ranger on the list....
    or the Nissan Frontier.
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