Thinking about a new trailer
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Thread: Thinking about a new trailer

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    Thinking about a new trailer

    I want to replace an older MacLander car hauler I have with something a bit more heavy duty. The current trailer has two 3500 pound axles. I am thinking of going to a 20 foot car hauler with two 5000 pound axles, but I keep seeing dump trailers and wonder if I could have more uses for one of those. I do anything from hauling quads, a jeep, lumber, tractors, ect.. The issue with the dump trailer is that I would never be able to haul the tractor with implements. Anyone been in this situation?

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    Going thru it now...
    I've had my heart set on a Tilt Deck (18' Tilt, 4' Stationary)....BUT, recently a dump trailer would be nice to stumps that I dont want to bury and have no place for em...found a buddy who will let me dump em in his yard where he's dumping cheap fill...but I gotta get em from my place to his.

    My dad had a "everything in one trailer" and IMO its a jack of all trades, master of none. It USED to be a 8.5x20 its a 8.5x20 Dump trailer..It does everything OK except haul his L2900. Just too high off the ground IMO.

    Ultimately there is no "swiss army trailer"....

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