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Thread: Trailers

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    Any advice on a transporting trailer for my x580 with the 47" snowblower installed something that I don't need several ramps to load and unload? I would like to just drive on and drive off.
    Thanks Keith

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    Not sure exactly what you're envisioning... You'll need some type of ramp no matter what. But for simple you may be looking for a tilt-deck trailer (where the trailer becomes the ramp) or one of those utility trailers with a built-in tailgate that folds down to be the ramp. The latter is what I'd recommend. They are fairly inexpensive (compared to tilt-deck trailers anyway) and easy to use. You'll just have to make sure the length of the tailgate ramp and height of the deck are suck that your tractor setup can drive up without hanging up. If you go with an aluminum utility trailer like that make sure you get one with sides that are attached solidly. I had a neighbor with one that had removable sides and it rattled so loudly you could hear him coming down the street two blocks away.

    I have one similar to this one (except the sides are rail slats, not solid) and it works great for my x758 and I used it all the time with my 345. The ramp is slightly too short though for correct angle so it works best to load from an incline if I've got the snowblower on the tractor.

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    I"m in the process of designing mine to build myself. I have a JD420 with a 47" blower and a rear weight bar that measures 11'-1", and I also have a 60" deck so I'm building a 6' x 12', that will tilt hopefully by gravity if my calculations are correct. I found a free set of plans that I will alter to suite what I am doing. Here they are if you are interested.

    I will make it a little beefier using 2x3x3/16 for the side rails, 2x2x1/4 for the cross supports, and 2x2x3/16 for the upper rails. Then I will hinge the draw bar for tilt, and after it is built I will decide if it needs a cylinder to tilt it or if it will tilt by itself, and what to use for a latch. Also going to add an "L" track system for tie downs and for use as a utility trailer, and I have a 2500LB winch that I will mount to the tongue in case Little John has a bad day and can't load under his own power. Oh and I will skip the ramp tailgate and just have a drop in gate since it shouldn't need a ramp. I also ordered a 4" drop axle so it will be lower to the ground.
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    I have a 6X12 landscape trailer that would work perfectly. We use it to haul my son’s cub.

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    When I had the 318 and 49 blower, I moved it with a 6x12 snowmobile tilt trailer. Basically the axle centerline is at the mid-point of the deck.

    One night when I was bringing it home, it got out from under me, as I hadn't paid enough attention to how the load was balanced on the deck. Fortunately, nobody was in front of me when I hammered it to straighteen everything out. That was the last time I used a single axle trailer.

    I bought a 12' Superior tandem axle landscape trailer that I added a 2' dovetail, and used the tailgate ramp. Great trailer for the 420, and while but it was rugged enough to use with the 955, it was too short to effectively balance the load.

    This morning, I picked up a Kaufman 22' tilt deck equipment trailer. It has a stationary 8' deck on the nose and a 14' tilt deck. Now I have enough trailer to move both the 420 and the 955 at the same time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kchalle View Post
    Any advice on a transporting trailer for my x580 with the 47" snowblower installed something that I don't need several ramps to load and unload? I would like to just drive on and drive off.
    Thanks Keith
    I have a tilt trailer for my 4120. I love it as the back 16' tilt and I just drive the tractor on. Once the tractor gets past the pivot point the trailer levels and it chain/strap my tractor on. I have used this for about 6 years and it works great. Wouldn't trade it for nothing!
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    12' single axle trailer with my 1025R , but is more than enough to haul my X580 as well . Get a trailer big enough to haul your next Deere once you realize you should have bought bigger !!!! lol
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    Very happy with my 5x10 Stealth Rice Trailer.
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    I love my rice trailer....abit bigger but same built in cargo box.
    Mine is a 16’ car hauler
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    I have a Texas Bragg utility trailer. It's 7x12 and rated for 3500 lbs. It has a drop down ramp/gate and is great for lawn/garden tractors. I used haul my 2210 on it before I sold that tractor. Now it mostly sits because it is way too small for my 3025E. I will use it if I need to take my ZTR or ATV's to the shop.

    I bought this one because it was the sturdiest built utility trailer I could find at the time of purchase. The ones TSC and the big box stores sell were too lightly built for my needs. When you go shopping pay particular attention to the frame rails and the cross beams. Some manufacturers use very thin angle iron that will not last under a lot of heavy use. If all you ever intend to haul is your X580 then a single axle is sufficient but if you think you will haul bigger and heavier items (particularly if you go on long trips) then a tandem axle trailer is well worth it and cheap insurance if you ever have a flat while trailering.

    I have been lucky with my utility trailer and have not had a tire go down. With my haulmark enclosed trailer, I have had a lot of tires go down over the years. With the tandem axle you will barely feel a tire go down and won't lose control of the trailer. So something to think about.
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