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Thread: Trailer Loading Video

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    Trailer Loading Video

    Not sure of this has been posted on here before or not but I know there are always discussions about how loading equipment on your trailer affects towing. This video is a good demo of how a little shift in weight can have a big change.

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    That's a very effective demonstration. Just takes a small force to make things go very wrong if the weight distribution is wrong!

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    I saw that a couple years ago. Sure makes you think.
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    In my younger days I learned this lesson the hard way. I borrowed a trailer built for a rear engine Porsche to haul my Mini Cooper to a race. Mistake 2 was I was towing it with a 122S Volvo. Problem 3 was ut was too toungue heavy so I loaded the car on backwards. I tried to compensate with loading spare trailer tires in the tire rack. The best I could do was neutral balance. Went fine until the trailer got a flat. Started fishtailing likt in the video. I could accelerate and pull it straight but then I was going faster and still needed to get it stopped. I finally had to decide which way I wanted to have ut roll. When it swayed back towards the right shoulder I held the wheel straight instead of trying to correct. The trailer fortunately twisted off the hitch and didn't roll the car when it went over. I had it slowed down enough the trailer and Mini rolled over in its side sort of slow. Most of the damage was to my ego.

    I posted this video on Facebook a while back. My smart ass car buddies replied the message was don't tow a trailer with a Mustang.
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    Keep in mind that the trailer is also a single axle. I dual axle trailer will react differently under the same circumstances. You have to look at a lot of different things when loading a trailer properly. I pull a dual axle trailer daily for my business and the weight I'm towing at the end of the day is anywhere from a couple of hundred pounds to a couple of thousand pounds lighter. There are a whole lot of variables to consider when towing a trailer safely.
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    One of the biggest factors in losing control of a trailer that is almost always overlooked is the tow vehicle. The misconception is a "pickup truck" is much better to tow with than a car when in reality an empty 1/2 ton pickup with 4 ply tires and a nice soft suspension is just as bad as a car. You need hard tires, 6-8ply, and a load in the bed to make it a good tow vehicle, and real good shocks. And trailer brakes make a world of difference as well. If you apply the trailer brake when it's getting swerly it is just like accelerating the vehicle but you slow down instead of speeding up.

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