Trailer rental
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Thread: Trailer rental

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    Trailer rental

    Just thought someone might get a chuckle out of how things tipecallygo for me

    SIL has been bugging me about going over to his place todo some work. I told him I would be glad to as soon as he bought me a trailer, and a truck that could pull 2005 colorado 4 cylinder just won't cut it. Well he didn't so I reserved an 18 footer at Sunbelt Rental. I got there about 8 am and they couldn't find it, but told me no problem they had one in the shop getting inspected to make sure it was safe and should be ready shortly. About 9:30 they tell me they are changing the breaks and it should be ready shortly. Around 10:30 they say they are adjusting the brakes and are so sorry for the inconvenience that they will comp me half of the day rental fee. I'm ok with that even though it shot my morning. Again it will be ready shortly. At 11:30 they say j the wheels are being put back on and it will be ready to go, you guessed it, shortly. At 12:00 they tell me how embarrassed they were that I was inconvenienced for so long, that they would comp me for the FULL rental fee, and by the way, when putting one of the wheels on, they found that a wheel bearing was shot, so they were sending a man to another of their rental locations to pick up a trailer and bring it to where my tractor was. Tractor was dropped of at my place by 2:00 dropped it off 16 miles away and returned trailer to local store at 4:30.

    Now knowing .... I mean things happen, and glad they didn't send me on my way with faulty equipment, I am happy with the way they did right by me. Now I know someone in a different situation might have gone off on the rental guy, but I look at it as they were doing the best they could in a bad situation. Of course if my SIL had just bought the truck and trailer all of this could have been a avoided
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