I found the needle in the haystack
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Thread: I found the needle in the haystack

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    I found the needle in the haystack

    I loved my '98 GMC K2500 pickup. It was perfect. I purchased used with 35,000 miles and two years old. Took me 15 years to get another 40,000 miles on it. I let it go last spring to my step son who has wanted it pretty much the day I bought it.

    I love trucks but to be honest, I was getting bored with them. I never really use a truck for a truck. Just a way to haul me around when I could not ride the Harley. Having a company truck and being on call 24/7 365, that is what I drive mostly anyway.

    For about 4 years now, I decided a van is what I want. I guess driving one daily for the last 20 years made me like them. I was about to give up on my dream when I stumbled across the rare gem I have been looking for. And believe me, I search the ends of the internet daily.

    While it was a annoying 4 1/2 hours away, I purchased this sweet loaded 2012 Chevy G3500 Diesel Passenger van. It has 37,000 one owner miles on it. Extended wheel base with 12 passenger seating. Best of all it is lazer straight black (the way God intended vehicles to be- I really should have been a mortician). It also while having nearly every option available in '12, the owner selected carpet delete so it has the rubber floor covering which is perfect for me. It also was ordered without the sliding side door which I hate. It was as if I ordered it for myself.

    The queen just shakes her head. I do like to be a tad different. I'm also NOT trucking any Amish anywhere, so don't ask.
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    WOW!! Nice find.
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    Also have a bunch of other stuff.

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    Much more character than all of the look alike SUV's and Minivans on the road.
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    Nice find! It looks sharp. Hopefully the air conditioning works because all that black sheet metal is going to be hot in the summer!

    That's how I felt when I stumbled upon my current truck. Someone had checked all of the XL base package option boxes, but also opted for the vinyl seats and rubber floor. While fancy sat-nav systems and heated seats are nice, all I wanted was a truck.

    Usually a used vehicle means settling on something because finding a good one which is also spec'd out the exact way you want is, well, like finding a needle in a haystack!
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    Don't you just love it when a plan comes together, Congratulations and Enjoy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UnionSchnauzer View Post

    I'm also NOT trucking any Amish anywhere, so don't ask.
    Aaah come on, your in the right neighborhood and you know you want too.
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    Congrats and good for you!

    I have a few "wants" like that now and then but never really persue them due to lack of funds.

    But I can relate to your wife's reactions - I get that all the time when I get on one of my missions.....
    It is what it is
    Knowledge is power, ignorance is bliss
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    Quote Originally Posted by UnionSchnauzer View Post
    I'm also NOT trucking any Amish anywhere, so don't ask.
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    How long is the wheel base? That looks LONG!
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    If your van's rockin'; don't bother knockin'.
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    I have more ideas than ambition.

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