Where have all the long bed trucks gone?
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Thread: Where have all the long bed trucks gone?

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    Where have all the long bed trucks gone?

    I've been looking for a 3/4 ton long bed for a while. I'm not particular about the brand as long as the dealer has a decent service reputation. And, I have a very short list of options I want, largely to do with towing. I live in horse country in SC and you'd think long bed trucks would be easy to find, but as of a few days ago there were about 180 3/4 ton pickups in combined stock at all the major dealers within 50 miles of me. Out of the 180 pickups, exactly three of them were 8' long beds.

    My hobby is building horse jumps, and I use a lot of 12 foot lengths of lumber. A six foot bed just won't cut it for me, and I'm getting tired of having to tow a trailer when I go lumber shopping. Besides, I'd like to buy pieces as soon as I find them. Just last weekend a local HD got in a small bunch of nice 4x4 red cedar posts, and by the time I got back next day with my trailer the good ones were gone; only the cracked and warped were left.

    I was really surprised at the shortage (no pun) of long bed trucks. Why are there so few compared to the mini beds. What ever happened to trucks where beds were sized to carry sheets of plywood laid flat?
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    Can it be a flatbed?

    Flatbed pickup trucks
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    Buyers put their priorities into more doors rather than long beds. The manufactures build what sells. Most buyers felt even extended cabs with 8' beds were too long overall. So they did not buy them.

    The Silverado extended (now called double) and crew cabs share the same wheel base, with a crew cab you get an even shorter box.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zebrafive View Post
    Buyers put their priorities into more doors rather than long beds. The manufactures build what sells. Most buyers felt even extended cabs with 8' beds were too long overall. So they did not buy them.
    I think that's really it in a nutshell. Extended cab (or crew cab) + 8' bed makes for a VERY long vehicle for the average person.
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    I have a 5'x8' trailer that is only 95" (Edit, geez, can get anything right.) on the inside dimension with the gate up. I can not explain how irritated I am that I can't carry 8' lumber in it.
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    Whenever I am in the market for a new pickup truck I order it to my specs including manual transmission and my choice of available rear axle ratio.
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    I hear ya! I ordered my Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD with the full size bed. I can finally lay an actual sheet of plywood in the back of my truck and close the tailgate. With that being said, you can barter with this guy:

    2003 Chevy Kodiak C4500 Pick-up

    Take the back sleeper off and you could haul just about anything you want without a trailer.

    I love these trucks. I cannot justify the cost or the size of these things.
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    I too prefer an 8' box. But , I did buy a 2016 F250 super cab short box last winter. Largely because their was no regular cabs on the local lots. So far it has worked out fine for me. The F250/350 short box is longer than most short boxes . I think the box is 6' 8" . It kinda sucks to have to leave the gate down to haul 8' lumber. I haven't done it yet, but, I don't see any issue with hauling 12' lumber on my truck.

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    I've never bought a brand new vehicle, but if I did I think I would factory order it exactly the way I wanted. My red pickup has an 8' wide, 9' long flatbed and I love the size and utility of a flatbed. It really can't be beat for most "work" done with a pickup. Regular beds are too restrictive and easy to damage.

    I've found very few places I can't park, I'm in a parking garage right now actually. All my pickups have been 8' beds or longer though, so I'm used to parking out near the far end of the lot.

    Your mileage may vary.

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    I agree with Blake for the OP's use. You could find the truck you want (cab configuration), remove the bed and build a nice flat bed for it to your liking. Removable stake sides is another plus.

    I never really understood the pick-up beds. Just about no matter what you put in there will have to be tied down anyway (at least I do....).
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