New member with an issue that I haven't been able to find info about anywhere.
I am running a '14 6115D Cab with Power reverser and approx. 275 hours. We have put it in the shop twice in the last two years for wheel speed sensors going bad and the tractor just will not move unless you ride the clutch. If that problem is not bad enough, the one that is killing now is that you can not ease the tractor into a load or an implement. If you get close and want to just ease forward or back to just creep up to something, like hooking up the batwing, easing the tractor with the clutch it will kick into neutral and flash the transmission error light. I have to shift to neutral then back into gear and try again, sometimes then it slams and jumps, which is not good when trying to hook up. Anybody have this issue or is it just me and the new style tractor, all our other tractors have been older all mechanical tractors that you ease around with the clutch.
Also it seems very slow going into gear. When feeding in the winter get off to open the gate and before the tractor goes back into gear the cows can get through the gate, dealer says other than the wheel speed sensors going out nothing is wrong and the transmission is set to engage as fast as it can be set. Any ideas? Thanks in advance