2020 Issues
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Thread: 2020 Issues

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    2020 Issues

    I have a Gas 2020 and I am having two issues, both are heat related. I have a 48 loader on this tractor. My exhaust is the style that exits down and out the back. When the tractor gets hot on a 80+ day the Hydraulics seen to go away. If I pull back on one of the levers the tractor shudders and the the movement is jerky of the lift or bucket roll. But only when hot. do I need to run a higher viscosity oil. I do not know what is in there it is what it was when I bought it. Second when in the seat the heat coming off the engine is enough to cook meat. I know I have burnt my left leg. The cowling around the battery gets so hot you'll burn your hand on it. Which I'm sure is not good for the battery. Is there such a thing as a reverse fan to blow out the front/side of the radiator housing instead of sucking in the side and out the back? I cannot believe that anyone could use this tractor very long on a hot day. Please help I'm melting!
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    Welcome to GTT
    High pressure internal hyd leak can rapidly create heating problems. I agree horizontal exhaust is very hot on operators left foot/leg. What type valve control frt end loader(scv or independent)? Has radiator/hyd oil cooler been high pressure washed lately?
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    I have a 2030 diesel with the down exhaust. I never notice the left foot rest getting hot. Where does your engine temp gauge read? Mine is just a little right of straight up when at operating temperature.
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