Fuel Shutoff Solenoid John Deere 5205
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Thread: Fuel Shutoff Solenoid John Deere 5205

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    Fuel Shutoff Solenoid John Deere 5205

    Hi all,
    Going on a month or so now of trying to troubleshoot a 5205 that will not crank. I'm getting fuel to the injection pump but almost nothing coming out of it. I have 12 volts going into the pump. I've tired disconnecting the cold start sensor and checked all the fuses. Still nothing. After speaking with my uncle I'm convinced that I have a bad fuel shutoff solenoid. My uncle was showing me on his Kubota how when the key is turned you can hear a very audible click when the 12 volts is sent to the solenoid which allows fuel to flow through the pump. I'm not getting any click or other noise from my pump which leads us to believe the solenoid has gone bad and is stuck in the closed position despite receiving 12 volts.

    The only problem is I can't visualize or see where the solenoid is located on the stanadyne injection pump. There's one single wire connecting to the top of the pump on a rather small nut. I know the solenoid has got to be beneath that nut but I don't see anything on the exterior of the pump that looks like a solenoid and I don't see how to take the top plate of the pump off.

    Can someone please share a schematic or any photos of the stanadyne pump showing where the solenoid is or provide an explantation of how to access it. Much appreciated.
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    Try looking at this video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpsJma1nvGg . Around the 8:50 mark, he pulls the top off of the pump and shows the solenoid. He uses a regular screwdriver to remove screws, but you will need a special 5 point driver that is used only on fuel systems. There are three screws to remove to get the top off. The solenoid is held in the cover with the 2 studs that attach the wire on top.
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    JD110- i have been watching Warren for a while now. i think he is a great mechanic and a wealth of knowledge. i think he would be tickled to find out his video is being shared to help someone out.

    he reminds me of the one mechanic who worked at the coal company where i ran dozer at, way back 40 yrs ago.

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    2-54inch jd snow plows, jd-5ft-pull brush hog,

    2018 835R gas model gator-"aka" the Cadillac i say!! 6ft jd snow plow-which already has a dtac out on it. i got just about everything on it i could at the time

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