2030 gets a new seat
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Thread: 2030 gets a new seat

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    2030 gets a new seat

    While waiting for parts (see my all hydraulics quit, thread) I decided to put some new "dress up " parts on the 2030. I bought these years ago, thinking "some day" I may paint and or restore it. Since I do not see that happening in the near future, I decided to install these parts and enjoy them!

    First was the seat, since it was all ready off. I took it off for easier filling of the transmission with hydraulic fluid.

    To remove two bolts at the top, center of the backrest, I had to take part of the seat support apart. There is a shock and spring in the way. Several ways to do it. The easiest looked like unbolting two links ands swinging the shock/spring out of the way. This where I found JD used 3/4" steel spacers (they call them bearings) in an oil-lite bushing. The two bushings at the ends of the links I took apart were beyond worn out.

    I checked JD parts and they called for 10 pieces. Not all were shown on the parts drawing, but easy enough to find. JD wanted over $5 each. They were 7/8" OD, 3/4" ID and 3/8" long. I searched for a cheaper alternative. I found an ebay seller that had them 1" long, for $1.50 each, and would ship for $5, so if I could cut them $12.50 total. I ordered 5. They came before the brake line that was holding up assembly.

    I brought one link home, installed a bushing, then sawed it flush with a hacksaw. They fit tight enough to easily saw and push out to deburr. Repeat ten times and I had ten bushings.

    Other dress up parts I had and installed: Steering wheel, Steering wheel center cap, HI-LO shift lever knob, Throttle lever knob, Two shift lever knobs, PTO lever knob, Alternator and Oil Pressure Idiot light lens.

    My headlight switch knob had lost it's white lettering. I cleaned it in alcohol and then dapped on white paint and wiped it off to fill the letters with white.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2030seatsupport.PNG   2030seatsupport2.PNG   P1030044.JPG   P1030001.JPG   P1030003.JPG  

    P1030005.JPG   P1030007.JPG   P1030016.JPG   P1030047.JPG  
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