What to look for J-D 5325
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Thread: What to look for J-D 5325

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    What to look for J-D 5325


    I am going to look at a J-D 5325 tomorrow and hope you could all give me a little insight on what to look for. Are there any things that fail and what are the usual checkpoints for this particular machine.

    This is what I know about the tractor,
    It is used on a high end golf course primarily as a loader for materials. It has a loader, rear turf tires, 4wd, full cab, one broken glass door, about 2k hours and has a backhoe attachment. It is in overall good condition. It is a piece that is coming off of a long term lease, hopefully there is maintenance records.

    I have researched some pricing on tractor house and watched videos on YouTube of similar tractors. What would a fair asking price be for a 5325 with the options I listed?

    Thanks for any help

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    I don't know much about them, but have read that the 5x25 series can suffer from electric issues. Again I'm no expert on the series but apparently they became a lot more electrical and advanced compared to the previous 5x20 series. I think they were somewhat highend for a basic 5 series utility tractor. I have a 2nd cousin who had a 5425 cabbed tractor if I remember right. I've been around him some while he was using it, but never talked to him about it.

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