Making an 80 cart tailgate on the cheap
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Thread: Making an 80 cart tailgate on the cheap

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    Making an 80 cart tailgate on the cheap

    For those of you who have model 80 carts that do not have the tailgate here is a quick and fairly easy solution. The piece of pipe spanning the width of the cart is 1-1/4” galvanized and the elbows slid nicely up inside of it with enough room to rotate pipe 360 degrees which is important for raising and lowering the gate. I measured 29-3/4 inches and the pipe fits just right end to end on the elbows. The plywood is 5/8 and it’s also cut 29-3/4 wide and 12-3/4 tall but I’m going to be able to trim the height down it looks. At this point I have not decided if I will use pipe clamps or U bolts to secure the pipe to the plywood but either way it should be sturdy enough. I’ll order a 1/2” spring latch to go on it and a of course paint it all green to match.

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    Definitely on the cheap. Should be budget friendly for anyone.
    Over on WFM, one of the members made his out of aluminum diamond plate. Another out of 1/8" steel.

    One thing to keep in mind though, the original 80 cart gates sat against the rear of the cart, not the inside. Maybe the wood thickness wont allow that.
    Im lucky enough to have gates for both my 80 carts, but the gate on the 65 isnt as straight across the top as it was when new. My Grandfather, and then myself, used it pretty hard for all of its life. But thats why I like them so much. They take use and abuse that would flatten most other carts. I had that one powdercoated and use it to take the kids for a ride, otherwise the heavy use goes to the later 80 or the 17AT.
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