Leveling 318 50-in deck
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Thread: Leveling 318 50-in deck

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    Leveling 318 50-in deck

    In order to level my mower deck, I need to have one yoke bolt tightened 1/2-in shorter than the other. (This is measured from the bolt hole on the mule to the hook hole on the deck bracket.) To be sure my measurements are accurate, I lay a sheet of 3/4" plywood on a flat driveway to minimize any irregularities in the concrete and use the JD blade measuring gauge. The end result is my lawns are as even as a carpet, so I know it's set right.

    Has anyone seen this problem with their mower? It complicates the basic adjustment a little, but the main problem is when removing/mounting the deck it pulls cockeyed and requires a lot of pryiing and fiddling to work the hooks into the deck brackets. I can't see any twists or anomalies in the deck, mule, plate, or frame of the 318.

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    There's so many things that can put the level of the tractor off, from tire wear and pressure to a bent part, a worn pin it's a long list. If you got it where you want it I'd find something else to worry about.

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    I assume you mean on the front, the draft arm yokes from the mule drive.
    When I first read it, I wasnt sure if you had two adjustable lift links, which you shouldnt.

    It sounds like the deck may be bent. There are several things that can affect this otherwise, but minor tweaks here or there can, over time, cause this type of thing.
    The reason there is so much adjustment is because they know things happen, and within limits, you should be able to adjust for it.

    First thing Id check is to make sure that the pairs of tires are the same brand, type, ply rating, etc. Then check pressure. Make sure its whats called for, or at least even side to side if you like to vary your pressure from spec (I do).
    Then look over the deck real good to be sure nothing looks out of place or dented. Not too many people have seen these decks new, so sometimes its hard to tell whats normal and whats not, but on the 50, it should be easy to see anything out of whack.
    Next Id make sure the lift links themselves are in the correct orientation. There is a rod from the rockshaft that goes forward to where the deck lift links attach (the one with the adjustable yoke and the other non-adjustable). Ive had those flip on me, causing a similar odd adjustment situation.
    If all that is correct, and your deck attaching parts are in good shape, make sure the mule drive itself isnt out of whack. The pivot could be worn, causing that odd adjustment.
    There were a few threads on WFM about rebuilding them.
    While you are checking it, make sure its seating in the frame on both sides evenly. If it is, its likely something is bent or worn out.

    I always liked the cut my 50 gives, though I dont use it anymore except every once in a while in the fall for leaf duty with the powerflow.
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    Check the yoke where it attaches to the mule drive, mine was worn bad enough. Ended up replacing the yoke and bolt/nut. I even added a grease zerk, now it is moving up and down and has the nice level cut.

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