54" plow hydraulic fittings problem
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Thread: 54" plow hydraulic fittings problem

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    54" plow hydraulic fittings problem

    I replaced an elbow fitting on the lifting piston for my plow and have discovered that it hits the frame when it lifts all the way up. Now my new fitting is bent and leaking just like the old one. Anyone know if the fittings can point down instead of up? There seems to be very little clearance both ways but wondering how everyone else's are set up.
    Also does anyone know the thread size for the piston? I need to replace the elbow again and would like to go to a local hydraulic shop instead of JD as they are pretty expensive there.
    I also bought a replacement piston ($90)on amazon and it leaked from the welds, they're sending me a replacement but thought I'd mention it incase anyone's thinking about trying them out. Will update when I get the replacement on and see if it leaks too.
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    Here is a discussion from WFM about the fitting getting bent when fully raised (hits the tractor frame..) and how to adjust the bracket to solve this.

    Hydro Ram Leak on a 54" Blade ?

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    DPatrick, JD specs out Parts Catalog PC1079 for a Model 54 blade. This shows 2 fittings attaching the hose to the rear of the cylinder, a 90º and a 45º. The 90º is 1/8 NPTF male x 1/8NPTF female...1/8-27NPTF is the thread in the cylinder. (This is also called a "1/8" Street El") The 45º is a 1/8NPTF x 5/16 37º flare tube.

    Take your cylinder & hose to your hyd. shop and tell him you want an elbow in the cylinder and a 45º fitting in the elbow to your hose...he'll fix you up!

    Since you've replaced the elbow...twice!... you may have damaged threads in your cylinder. Get a 1/8NPT tap, load the outside with grease, and thread it into the cylinder...NOT TIGHT, just get it started. Hold the cylinder in a vise with the tap pointing downward. Tighten the tap with a wrench. I may feel "bumpy" at first and then get tight. Go abut 1/4 to 1/2 turn more after it gets tight and then remove the tap. Any chips/damaged threads will be caught in the grease and not go into your cylinder. Retract cylinder all the way and blow out tapped hole with parts cleaner. Apply thread sealant...NOT teflon tape...to elbow and assemble to piston. Repeat with 45º fitting. Attach hose to fitting...do NOT use pipe sealant...and assemble to tractor. Raise blade and look for interference! Adjust as nec. Hope this helps, Bob
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