318 Transaxle Rear End Hydro Pump Noise
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Thread: 318 Transaxle Rear End Hydro Pump Noise

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    318 Transaxle Rear End Hydro Pump Noise

    I have a 1985 318 with over 1500 hr. on it . It has a wining (sound )noise coming from the back ,it is not a engine noise . Slow or fast the sound is the same. Forward or backward the sound is the same . The hydro fluid is at the right level . There is a oil leak coming from were the two half's of the main case are put together. So I will haft to split the case apart to put in a new gasket.
    What else do I need to look out for ???????

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    The pump should be checked for wear, or you could step up to regular viscosity hydraulic fluid and see if that makes a difference.
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    Often the whining is from the relief valves, so check that they are free to pop up fully after being depressed for moving the tractor when the engine is not running.

    Also, a leak in the housing gasket may indicate your tractor still has the two bolt cross member support rather than the single slotted bolt configuration, so check that out as well. The two bolt version transfers a lot of torsional load to the housinig when using the tractor on uneven ground, particularly with ground engaging attachments.

    Most members on these forums find that Deere's Hygard fluid is less likely to have whining noises than the original ATF as used in the early 300 tractors...

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