Questions about the 318
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Thread: Questions about the 318

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    Questions about the 318

    What is it about the JD 318 that so many say is one of the "best" ever? What sets it apart from the crowd? Thanks
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    Deere, I think these people are comparing the 318 with all of the earlier 3xx series and the 140. In that respect, yes, it is the Cadillac of the L&G tractors. It has an 18hp engine and POWER STEERING ! I think the ease of steering brought about the Cadillac term.

    Personally, I'm not that fond of them. The Kohler is prone to valve seat failure and the wiring can drive you insane! I've got a 322, which to me is a 318 with a Yanmar 3 cyl gas engine, a 314 and a 317. I re-powered the 317, added an additional hydraulic valve and I'll take my 317 over any/all L&G's. Bob
    '80 317 w/18hp B&S and divert valve for rear hydraulics, 3 pt hitch, 5' york rake
    '82 314 w/rear PTO for tiller
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    Bob covered it pretty well. They were a true Cadillac In the early 80ís. Now they are still a quality gt for a homeowner and tinkerer. Iíve gone through enough 420ís and 430ís that Iíd much rather have one of them.

    I have an x475 for snow as the foot hydro generation is just better from the ergonomics and turn radius. Itís a go cart compared to 318 322 420 generation tractors. I may not have time when it snows to use an older one.

    I have a 420 loader. I have only had one time I moved a lot of dirt, otherwise loader uses are moving things where having fun operating outweighs speed.

    I have a 140 with 54 blade when I have time to enjoy working the driveway.

    I have a 110, the 140, x475 and a push mower for grass. Any option takes about 30 minutes to mow and edge my postage stamp.

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    Well they made close to 1 million of them during their production run so the market was fairly flooded with them and I am sure that is what JD pushed as far as marketing went. When new, it was probably the most modern GT on the market at the time with power steering, full hydraulics, 3 pt hitch capable, and a ton of attachments and implements for it. I have always thought they were really reliable as well. The Onan engine was pretty good as far I am concerned. I don't really care for the mule drive as I prefer a shaft driven deck. It's also just about the right size for a lot of yards/driveways where as the 400 series was quite a bit bigger physically than the 300 series. Personally I like the 400 series of tractor from that era but that's just me.

    They are still pretty popular today as I see asking prices are fairly strong for a tractor that was last made in 1992.
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