110 carb linkage
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    110 carb linkage

    I'm having trouble with the governor linkage to carb. Its to long. Bought a used carb and everything else hooks up. Is there a shorter link out there. Or any suggestions.

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    I'm not familiar with your particular model, but assuming that you replaced the carb with the new to you carb, can't you use the old governor linkage rod?

    With other small engines I've worked on, the governor linkage rod can be slightly shortened by putting a slight "Z" bend in it. It depends on how much "too long" it is.

    A second method is to cut off the "Z" end (if it is that too long) and bend in another "Z" bend with pliers and vise.

    Just make sure everything moves freely and I assume that you know how long you need to be. The Z in the middle may be better if you need to experiment on the exact length you need.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    To add to Tom's post: You could use a welding rod or an old metal coat hanger (IF you can find one!) to fab up a temporary link. Once the temp fits, you can modify your original...hopefully just once. Bob
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