a couple 430 questions...
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Thread: a couple 430 questions...

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    a couple 430 questions...

    I took the deck out from under my 430 , (ser. 285779) to replace the idler pulley. Decided while it was off , would be a good time to change fluids.
    Drained the hydro, and am replacing the old suction tube. The parts catalog shows a "hose guard" part # M111759 , looks like a spring. I don't have any thing like this on my old hose. Is this supposed to fit IN the hose to prevent collapse?

    Question number 2...
    The engine oil pan drain plug will not tighten , threads are stripped on the pan. It goes in part way without even catching a thread , then screws in finger tight. Any thing more than finger tight , it strips. Almost makes me wonder if it is the right plug. It looks to be Metric Fine threads 12x1.25.
    So if this is the correct plug, and the pan threads are stripped can I tap and install a slightly bigger plug?

    That poorly tightend drain plug probably explains the drips on the shop floor...I'm grateful that plug didn't blow out while I was mowing..

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    I had to check a couple of items regarding hose guard.First, hose, no ID or OD given in parts detail. Next, guard/spring, 111579 is .670 outside diameter. Last fitting, R52683 is for .750 ID hose. So, YES! hose guard goes inside of suction hose!

    I also looked into your drain plug issue. PC1997 for serial 005001 and up, specs a CH19995 drain plug... & washer. Looking in "Parts Detail" that's a "Plug PLUG, 12" so I'm assuming you're correct, 12x1.25.
    NOW ! You've got options. 12x1.25 uses an "S" tap drill (.348). You could dr. & tap for 1/4 NPT (7/16 tap drill) or 1/2-20 (29/64 tap drill). I strongly recommend coating the drill with grease. Being careful, this will hold the chips from drilling. Do the same when tapping.

    Hope this helps, Bob
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    Yes, the spring is meant to be inside the suction hose to keep it from collapsing and restricting flow. Make sure that it is present in the replacement hose.

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