2520 Quick Hitch LVB24898/AM134116 Wanted (NY)
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Thread: 2520 Quick Hitch LVB24898/AM134116 Wanted (NY)

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    2520 Quick Hitch LVB24898/AM134116 Wanted (NY)

    Looking for a quick hitch for my 2520. Would take whole quick hitch (LVB24898 OR BM18644 kit) (if you didn't want to part out) or just the bracket & pin connecting the hitch to the tractor (AM134116, preferred). I bought a hitch from a local guy thinking the AM134116 came with the PTO Kit, so now I need one. Deere wants $400 and that's just crazy considering I can get the entire quick hitch (LVB24898) for $718 from my dealer.

    Specifically, would ship to 13903.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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