hi all,

the guy before me decided the best way to increase torque from the 420's front pto clutch would be to weld the rotor to the armature. he then rigged a vice-gripped lever to loosen the belts enough to disengage the belts from the constantly moving engine driven pulleys. the first time i hit the switch i thought the whole thing was going to blow up. that method has since been discarded and i'm try to get it back to stock. i put the updated belt tensioning assembly on for starters. the new and even some used units are out of my budget so i figured i'd try to piecemeal it back together. my field winding coil (AM39419) has proved good through testing. i just bought a rotor (M85221) on ebay from a 318 that checked out for fitting the 420 as it's part number is the same. for the life of me i can't find the armature (AM100849) that i need to complete the assembly. any help with some reasonably priced used parts?