WTB - 60" heavy duty broom with quick hitch for 1025R
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Thread: WTB - 60" heavy duty broom with quick hitch for 1025R

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    WTB - 60" heavy duty broom with quick hitch for 1025R

    I'm interested in purchasing a 60" heavy duty broom with quick hitch for 1025R, I have a dealer quote, but thought I'd post here to see if anyone had a used version available.

    I'm located in Central IA

    Thanks in advance!
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    I guess it is a question of how far you want to go get one. I have a couple in my neck of the woods. These are all in Wisconsin.

    60 Broom, Waukesha

    60 Broom, Kewaskum

    60 Broom, Arcadia

    The Waukesha one would be the closest to me. If you are interested I'd be willing to help you out the best I can.
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