John Deere 777 cuts off
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Thread: John Deere 777 cuts off

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    John Deere 777 cuts off

    Hi folks, I have a JD 777 that will run for 15-30 minutes and will randomly start spitting and sputtering like it's running out of gas and cut off. You can choke it and keep it running for a second and then dies. You can then wait about 30 seconds to a minute and it will crank back up and run fine. The fuel pump seems to be working correctly but I'm wondering if it's not breaking down or something and not supplying adequate fuel to the carb. Has anyone ever seen this happen? Replaced all fuel lines and fuel filter to carb and checked fuel pickup tube and it's clean. Only thing other than the pump I could think is maybe a piece of trash in the carb getting sucked in to a jet and then settling back down when it cuts off.

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    Loosen the gas cap and try it again. The vent in the cap may be plugged causing a vacuum in the tank which will not allow the fuel to flow.
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