Brand New Z355e - Control lever dampener came disconnected!
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Thread: Brand New Z355e - Control lever dampener came disconnected!

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    Brand New Z355e - Control lever dampener came disconnected!

    Hey guys, I've used this forum a lot over the years but always to look up things, figured I'd finally start posting. I've had a 425 for several years but recently sold it and bought a Z355e. Had the mulch kit and the hitch kit installed. So far I really like how it cuts and it reduced my overall mowing time down by about 1/3. Enough background, now to the issue.

    Today while mowing about half-way through the job I noticed the right control level felt different, as if there was no longer any resistance. I stopped mowing and looked underneath and found that the shock absorber that dampens the control arm had come completely loose and was just hanging there! I looked around and amazingly the hex nut that holds it together had fallen into the deck, so I was able to get that back. If it's like the other side, there is a nut on the other end and that seems to be lost, so I can't put it back together myself right now. I find this very disheartening that this would happen with 5.8 hours on the mower! As I inspect it, this nut doesn't seem to be a lock nut like most are on the mower, it's just a regular nut without the nylon insert. This leads me to two options,

    1. Obviously this is under warranty and I can call and make my local dealer fix this. There isn't much hassle other than calling them since they will pick it up and drop it off. Downside is they are just going to repair it like original, what's to say it wouldn't happen again?

    2. I'm considering putting it back together myself with proper lock nuts on both sides. Would this mess up my warranty to repair it myself?

    Not pleased with the apparent poor design choice. Let me know what you guys think is my best course of action.


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    Welcome to GTT!

    Both options are viable ones. Pick which one is most comfortable for you and mow on!

    BTW, stuff like this does happen, that's why there is a warranty.
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    Don't hassle with a JD parts dept. person... he/she probably started the day before. Don't trust the dealer on this, as they will probably foul up something else and another delay. Take the nut that you have and go to a hardware store and have the person there to match up the nut to one that has the nylon insert. It will no doubt be a metric size. Learn to become a mechanic and much better than the dealer repair so-called expert.

    I learn in my earlier days of my 85 years old life, that "what man put together, man can take apart". I've own about 26 new automobiles and seven lawn tractors, plus two large farm tractors, and many other motorized equipment and not one, I repeat.. not one ever went back to a dealer to be fixed for a problem.
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