ZTR Puffer Air Ride Seat Conversion follow up ?'s
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Thread: ZTR Puffer Air Ride Seat Conversion follow up ?'s

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    ZTR Puffer Air Ride Seat Conversion follow up ?'s

    So I know some of y'all have been running this platform for years now. I think the earliest install postings I've seen about them here are 2015. For those of you that have utilized them for years now are you still pleased with them? Any issues? Wear and tear? Breakage?

    I realise nothing is purfect but is there anything else that gives a better ride on rough terrain seat or seat suspension wise? I'm not changing my mower.
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    It gave me zero issues for the years I had mine. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one. It’s not a perfect solution mind you, but it’s a huge improvement.
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    Z-glide front suspension forks help improve the ride as well. I don't have a set but am seriously considering some for this spring.
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    I installed mine 3 or 4 years ago and it still works great! Sometimes the pop off valve will rapidly open and close which requires a tap with your finger to get it to close and stay closed. Not a big deal. I could not cut the grass without the seat.

    I have reached the point in life where I prefer to pay someone to cut it for me. My 915 spent most of last year sitting and I probably need to sell it along with all of my supporting equipment. It would be a sweet deal for someone.
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