What would go in the blank switch positions on a Z5XX ?
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Thread: What would go in the blank switch positions on a Z5XX ?

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    What would go in the blank switch positions on a Z5XX ?

    My Z535M has two marked locations for switches on the right hand control panel. They are shown in the operator's manual, but never pictured with any accessory switches in those locations.

    Is that panel used on other models where something useful is placed there?

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    My Z535R has the same switch locations marked. It doesn't look like they're knock-outs, just outlines where rocker switches could be cut in. I suppose you could wire up some lights to a rocker switch and mount in that location. I'm never mowing past dusk so not much of an issue for me. I do have a rear sprayer, but I pull that with my 2025R and not my zero turn. I suppose I could wire the sprayer up to a rocker switch as well. I wish Deere would have knockouts on all their models just to make things easier for anyone that wants to add rocker switches for 12v items. Just my opinion...

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    If have a Z540r and had my dlr install the JD light kit. The switch is installed in one of those locations.
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