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Showcase cover image for Bye 2305 Hi 2025R Named “AE”


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1025r with Mauser cab.
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Very Nice, Meager Hair. I know you have patiently been waiting for your new machine and it appears the wait was worth it. May your 2305 receive a good foster home and be treated with the same love and respect which it came to know under your tutelage.

Perhaps I missed it in another thread, and I am not really sure if I am in a photo album now or precisely where I am, but what does the "AE" stand for?

Anyway, beautiful machine and you deserve it. I hope you two forge many happy memories together and can grow old gracefully, together........A man and his CUT......."Compact Utility Tractor".

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AE were my dads first two initials. He was a math professor and our last name is compacted Danish one with a weird "J" so all of the students used to refer to him as AE. Passed away about a year ago at 97. He grew up in a house with no electric and went to a one room school. Sent money home during WWII so his parents could put in electric. Was a combat veteran of the Both the Battle of Metz and Battle of the Ardennes Forest (Bulge) in the 3rd Army.