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We had to spec the barn (12x20) according to a city variance and personally, I would have like to have built a 20 x 40 pole barn but the city said that size would exceed what they would allow on my 3 acre lot.
We ordered this barn based on pictures found on the web and had it built by 'Barns Unlimited', near our home. The barn was delivered with the roof structure folded inside. they are due to come back today (7/6) and do the final assembly.
The pad has 55 tons of rock and gravel and should do the job!

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That is sweet! I could use that size right now just to keep our barn clutter free. I started looking at these last January and they had 4 price increases by May 1st. I don’t know if all these lots that sell prefab buildings really do use Amish or is that some marketing gimmick? From what are around me there must be 10s of thousands of Amish carpenters like Santa’s little elves building all these great little buildings!