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  1. Implements & Attachments
    So my dad unhooked my loader and apparently my kids took the color plugs off or my dad did but anyways I’m having a heck of a time finding a chart or diagram that shows which line hooks up to which connector. Would anyone have pictures or similar showing which hose goes where? Lol yes I’m going...
  2. For Sale
    Selling everything listed for $25K. Located in NE PA. Pickup only. Moving to Texas is the reason I am selling. Will bring with me if needed! 2021 John Deere 1025R (1LV1025RELM): 120 Hours and Garage Kept 120R Loader with Bucket 60D Mower Deck with Load N Go Ramps John Deere 3rd Function Power...
  3. Implements & Attachments
    Ordered a 1025R with a 120R loader (53" bucket) and 54" mowing deck. The tractor will not be delivered until 2 weeks. However, I wanted to order the Heavy Hitch Tooth Bar. I know that in their website there is a video on how to measure the bucket to get the right kind (i.e., heavy duty vs...
  4. Sub Compact Utility Tractors (SCUT)
    I ended up taking my blower off this weekend and reinstalled the loader. I captured it on video for those who are looking into buying one and want to know how easy it is to swap over. My 1025r has the premium Curtis Cab so I also showed how easy installing the loader is using the sight glass.
  5. Sub Compact Utility Tractors (SCUT)
    Hello Everyone! Somehow I managed to get this purchase approved by the finance department and will soon be a proud owner of a new 1025R tractor. Delivery is expected after November 1st, which is killing me. I'm including my price paid on everything as a data point for all the forum lurkers out...
1-5 of 5 Results