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  1. Sub Compact Utility Tractors (SCUT)
    Dear Green Community fellows, Since last week I am a proud happy owner of a 2008 2305 680h with 260 backhoe and 200 CX loader in mint condition. (PS; mower deck not relevant as I have an excellent JD LTR 180 and Stiga pro 540 ix for mowing) Currently getting acquainted with the new family...
  2. Metalworking & Fabrication
    Hello, Finally got time to share my 200cx adapters for JD2320. As dealer asked approx. 1k for each side , decided to build own. FEL I bought in auction without adapters. First I made model of adapter, holes on tractor side measured from tractor. As cleared out later, one hole is wrong and...
  3. Medium Frame Compact Utility Tractors (MCUT)
    I am a new 2720 owner, having bought a 2009 unit just a month ago. I have successfully detached and attached the loader numerous times. But, I have screwed up this time. When I attempted to attach the loader, something must not have been level or aligned. One side lined up fine, but the...
1-3 of 3 Results