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  1. Hydraulics
    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, so if I make some mistakes, please understand me. So I have a hydraulic problem with this old JD. Everything worked fine until a week ago, when oil started coming out from the gear lever area and I saw smoke coming from the hydraulic pump in the front. The result...
  2. Utility Tractors
    Hi, I've just purchased a 2130 1976 with a duncan cab on it. The headlights are not there so need replacing but the wires are there, the alternator has been replaced at some point in the past and right next to it is a plug that looks like it should be connected to the alternator can anyone help...
  3. Hydraulics
    Hi, was wondering if anyone out there could shed some light I am having with our old JD 2130. I’m not sure how many different variants there were, but ours is 2 WD and has 2 gear leavers (park-high-low-reverse) and 1-4 (I read somewhere some have a hydraulic high/low – ours definitely does...
1-3 of 3 Results