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  1. Utility Tractors
    Hi Guys, Right now I have the FEL with the ICV? I think its called (the black box between the wheels on right hand side with 4 quick connects) I have been reading through a few of the messages on the form but have a couple questions related to wish list. Item #1. I would like to have power...
  2. Utility Tractors
    Hi guys, Been running around the property with my 2155 tractor, with the 146 FEL and "ICV" control joystick. I have some questions and my apologies for the basic stuff. The ICV has a float mode. Is the joystick supposed to stay in the all the way forward position, "lock in" and you need to...
  3. Tractor & Equipment Maintenance
    The lights on my 2155 didn't work, when I reached under the dash to check the back of the switch it just fell apart from rusting. I purchased a new switch but now I can't figure out which wire to hook to which terminal. I tried to find a schematic on line, no luck. Would anyone have a schematic...
1-3 of 3 Results